Using A SIM Card Vs Pocket Wifi When Travelling Abroad

sim card pocket wifi vs mifi traveling abroad internet connection

When you are about to set out on an international adventure to Israel, you will have 1000 different considerations running through your head. For one, you will want to plan out your whole trip and figure out what the must see sights are in the places you are going. Even for business travel, you will want to squeeze in as much sight seeing and fun as you can. Of course you will also want to figure out your lodging and transportation for the whole time you are gone. Will you be renting a car or taking public transportation or using some other solution? 

The questions just keep piling up any time you are travelling abroad. Of course, one question that you might not think about is how will you communicate with people back home and locally while you are gone. We are so used to having our own cell phones that work anywhere within the United States without a second thought that it often won’t even occur to us that this will not be the case when we travel. Unless you are willing to pay massive data roaming fees, you will want to figure out a solution before you depart for your communication needs. 

Two of the most common options that people go for are renting or buying a local Israeli SIM card and using some kind of pocket wifi – also known as a mifi device – when travelling abroad. A SIM card can speak to the local networks and connect your phone to them, while pocket wifi will provide you with an affordable hotspot for multiple devices that can connect to local networks. There are a few considerations you need to take into account when thinking about this. 


Pocket wifi devices are ideal for business travelers and large groups of travelers like tour groups. If you need to have a laptop or devices other than your phone connected a mifi device is a must While SIM cards allow you to hotspot your phone, a mifi device will be much faster. 

A SIM card is best for travelers that are going for leisure or sightseeing and just need to be able to be able to use their phone like they would if they were back home. The SIM card fits into their current device and allows the phone they are used to carrying to be converted to the local network for the duration of the trip. You can usually keep your own phone number and also use whatever apps or special setting you already have on your phone, just like you’re used to. 

Pricing And Features 

Renting a SIM card for travel to Israel will cost you anywhere from $2 - $7 a day, depending on the network you choose, the plan you select, the amount of data, and the length of your trip. If you opt for a pocket wifi device instead, these will start from around $6 a day and can go as high as $14 a day. The SIM card is the ideal option for travelers that simply need a quick, cheap solution to stay in contact with those back home. 

Mifi devices are, as stated previously, best for business travelers and those going in larger groups. You will be dependent upon wifi calling while you are in Israel, but it is easy enough to work around this with the right apps. They provide much faster data speeds and give you 12 to 18 hours of battery life, much better than most phones. 

Of course, there is the option to take both devices. This would allow you to make calls from your own phone and communicate as normal while also connecting your laptop and other necessary devices. Those travelling with you could also connect their own devices as well. This is for obvious reasons the most expensive option but it allows you to have the benefits of both. 

Whenever you travel to the Holy Land, there will be a thousand different considerations on your mind. Whichever solution you opt for with communication needs, just make sure that it will work for you and your group as you go about your adventures. There is no time to lose! 

Pros And Cons 

SIM Card Pros: 

- Nothing to carry 

SIM Card Cons: 

- Cannot connect multiple devices 

Mifi Pros: 

- Connect up to five devices 
- Ultrafast speeds 
- Perfect for those doing work 

Mifi Cons: 

- Have to carry around a device 
- Cannot make calls

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