5 Smart Home Staging Ideas for a Tight Budget

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When you're ready to sell your home, we know you want to get the highest possible offer

One of the best ways to make that happen is using staging ideas in your home so that it looks warm, modern, and as beautiful as possible -- but still livable -- to buyers. 

But maybe your budget didn't quite allow you to make all the renovations you would have liked, and you need to find another way to grab buyers' interest.

Maybe your entire budget went to cleaning and renovating your home, and you have nothing left to spend on interior design and decorating. 

In some cases, you may just feel like your house is already attractive to buyers as-is because of its construction or location. You know you're going to get a pretty good offer, so why should you spend any more money?

Here's the good news about staging a house or rental property: 

No matter which of the above situations apply to you, you don't have to spend a fortune on home staging if you follow these low-cost staging ideas.

1. Add Some Air Plants and Greenery

One of the biggest trends taking home staging and interior decorating by storm is the rise of indoor plants. 

Invest in a cheap or vintage short wooden ladder, and place a few plants along the rungs to create a small indoor garden. You could also add air plants to the kitchen or bedroom to create a relaxed yet refined space. 

Indoor plants are a wonderful and affordable way to fill blank space in your home or add some color to a room with more neutral decor tones. 

Plus, air plants and beautiful indoor greenery don't just make your home feel sleek and modern. Air plants have also been proven to clean the air in your home, preventing a viewer with allergies from getting a flare-up during a walk-through! (We especially suggest adding air plants to your list of home staging ideas if you have pets.) 

2. Paint an Accent Wall

When you're trying to keep your home staging cost down, we know the last thing you want to consider is re-painting every room in your home or adding wallpaper.

Still, there's no denying that adding some color to your space can catch the attention of buyers in no time. 

Bright blue and pink shades can make your home stand out on online listings, where it can be especially difficult to get noticed. 

The budget-friendly solution here is to add an accent wall in rooms that are your home's biggest selling points. This means painting just one wall in the room as opposed to all four. 

Accent walls look especially stunning to highlight art at the end of hallways or behind the bed. You can even add a mosaic accent wall in your bathroom for some extra flair. 

3. When in Doubt, Add a Mirror

You love your home, but you're concerned that some buyers may be put off by the small sizes of some of your rooms. 

What's one of the oldest home staging ideas in the book to make rooms look larger than they are? 

Add a few mirrors!

Not only will a mirror help to brighten up your space, but their reflective properties can add a few feet to the look of any room. 

Place them over a fireplace, beside doors/entryways to rooms, and above larger pieces of furniture. 

4. Hit Up Thrift Stores and Garage Sales

Another way to trim your house staging cost? 

Instead of investing in new furniture, decor elements, and rugs, buy them used instead. 

You can hit up your local flea markets, thrift stores, and even online auction sites to find some unique (and often surprisingly high-quality) treasures.

Plus, once you've sold your home, you can donate the furniture and accessories to families in need. Or, you can sell it yourself and make some of -- or perhaps even more of -- your money back!

5. Avoid Home Staging Altogether

While the staging ideas on this list will certainly help your home to look its best in front of buyers and real estate professionals, perhaps they still seem like too much work for you. 

You may also be in a bit of a financial bind, and need to sell your home as soon as possible. 

If you don't have the time or the money for home staging or renovations, there is another option: selling your home to a "we buy any house" cash buyer. 

These cash buyers will purchase your home as-is -- no renovations, cleanings, or paint jobs needed. 

It's a great option for those who need to move ASAP, want to make back at least some of their original investment, or who are facing foreclosure. 

Use These Staging Ideas to Get the Offer Your Home Deserves

If you make use of the staging ideas on this list, we promise that you'll be surprised by the number of offers that your home receives

Just make sure you're prepared to deal with a buying bidding war!

Working with a real estate agent will also help you to discover new ways to market your home, such as hosting virtual tours to attract out-of-state and international buyers. 

Need more tips on how to save when it comes to real estate? Curious about how to keep moving costs down?

Do you just love a good bargain, no matter what it's for? If so, then our blog is the place for you. Bookmark it to learn about new deals, ways to cut costs, how to master couponing, and more. 

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