7 Best Mediterranean Places to Stay and Visit

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The Mediterranean sea is so vast, it borders an astounding 21 countries and three different continents! Africa, Asia, and Europe are all nestled up to this expansive body of beautiful, azure water. 

It spans a whopping 970,000 square miles and goes as deep as 16,800 feet. 

Because of its size, there's no lack of Mediterranean places to visit. 

Are you planning an epic trip to this stunning area? Wondering what stops are worth your time during your travels? 

This list highlights seven top gorgeous, culture-filled places that should make your must-see list. Good luck trying to choose just one location! 

7 Best Mediterranean Locations To Visit

1. Malta

Malta is an island country located in the central Mediterranean Sea.

Visit the main island of Malta if you're a history buff that wants to see some historical sites while on your trip. And when you're not doing that, prepare to spend time diving or exploring its breathtaking landscape.

2. Menorca 

Menorca, Spain is a glorious island that's home to a plethora of turquoise beaches. Visit this place during the warmer months and plan to spend a lot of time in the water. When you're not swimming, enjoy hiking its many beautiful coastlines. 

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3. Barcelona

Barcelona is Spain's second-largest city and it packs all the punch you'd expect with that title.

It's known for being rife with culture, astounding architecture, and high-quality restaurants. There's no lack of beaches, shopping, or nightlife here, either.

4. Dubrovnik 

This beautiful city in Croatia should make its way to your must-visit list. Spend the day walking its medieval walls, which loop around the entire city. Take a cable-car ride to the top of the city and get a glorious view of its pastel homes and massive harbor. Or simply swim in its clean, clear water.

5. Sicily

If you're planning to visit the Mediterranean, you may want to make its largest island a pit stop.

Sicily, Italy has something for everybody. Spend some time on its 600 miles of coastline. Check out some of the islands it houses, one of which features an active volcano. Or try some its renowned smoky, musky red wine.

6. Santorini

Santorini is home to a host of astounding islands in Greece. It boasts blindingly-bright white buildings, amazing shops and food, and its fair share of stairs. Visit its volcanic beaches, spend the day drinking its famous wine, or simply enjoy its romantic nature. 

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7. Cannes

Cannes, France is known for its international film festival — but this resort town offers so much more than that.

It's got fantastic shopping, even better weather, and amazing historical, cultural buildings to astound its visitors. Check out fascinating art galleries, stay in prestigious hotels, and enjoy its own fair share of crystalline beaches.

Mediterranean Places Galore!

Have you booked your ticket to any of these Mediterranean places yet? You may want to pack a big suitcase — you could end up staying forever!

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