How to Create a Certification Program in 5 Steps

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According to research, the global E-learning industry will climb to a whopping $325 billion by the year 2025. If you are wanting to learn how to create a certification program, the right time is now. 

If you have knowledge in a certain niche, creating a certificate program will help to establish your expertise in that niche, as well as paying forward your information to help others grow. 

In a way, it is almost doing society a disservice to not share your wisdom in order to help others strengthen their skills and help them to grow.

The only issue is, how to create a certification program that people will actually take. It can be hard to break it down into bite-sized chunks that people can understand and learn from.

Keep on reading to learn how to create a certification program from scratch.

1. Define Your Focus Or Niche

This process can be harder than it sounds. If you have a lot of information to share, it can be hard to pinpoint it down to digestible pieces for people to learn, which is why you should start with a mind map.

The mind map will help you to organize your thoughts into categories and get to the root problem that you want to teach people how to solve.

Some questions to ask yourself are:

  • Who are you trying to help?
  • What exactly are you wanting to teach?
  • What problems do you want to help solve?
  • Who is this program for?
  • What do you want them to gain from it?
  • How will this help your company?
  • What future programs could you make from this?

If you find that you have a lot of different information to share, think about breaking it up into different certificate programs instead of one large one. 

2. Create the Curriculum and Structure

Now that you have narrowed in on the focus of your certificate program, it is time to start creating the meat of the program itself. You can do this easily by using recipe cards and writing out the information on the cards from the mind-mapping you did.

Then you can easily organize the cards on a table or on the floor in accordance with the curriculum you want to teach to your students.

3. Select the Method Of Teaching You will Use

In this current information age, there are several modalities in which you can teach your curriculum. This could be either audio, video, text, pdf, correspondence, webinars, workshops, and more. 

You also need to come up with the certificate itself to present at the end of the course, consider these options for more information. 

4. Decide Who and How The Course Will be Offered

Is your course available for anyone who has an interest in your niche? Or is your course only available for certain professionals who want to further their knowledge in your niche?

Knowing this will help you to figure out how you will market your certificate program to the right audience.

5. Market Your Program

There is an abundance of ways to market your certificate program, and it all comes down to knowing your audience and how they will search for it. 

Facebook marketing is an excellent start for this because there are so many ways to narrow in on your exact target audience, including their hobbies, interests, lifestyles, and more. 

Learn More About How to Create a Certification Program

Congratulations on creating a program to help others achieve their goals! Now that you know how to create a certification program, there is so much more to learn. 

Keep checking our blog for more information on creating programs, digital startups, business information and more! 

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