Tips For Purchasing A Company Car

tips for purchasing the best company car buying corporate vehicle

Budgeting is hard enough. But buying a business car on a budget? Might as well take up biking. At least, that’s what it may have come to before the invention of the ultra-modern, mind-blowingly accessible thing we call the Internet. With the advent of the Internet came online shopping and with online shopping comes options, but too many options can make way for complete and utter panic. First thing’s first, don’t panic. This road map will help you find the right car for the right price. In fact, the new car buying process has been broken down into five easy steps. Follow them, and you’ll be sniffing that new corporate car smell before you know it. 

Step 1: Need 

The first step should be the easiest. All you have to do is figure out what you need. The obvious advice is to make sure what you’re looking for matches your work needs. If you drive long distance regularly, you should be looking for an economical car like a Prius

If you’re often transporting clients or other important passengers, you may want to buy a new Audi to offer a great first impression. Whatever it is, you need to map out your criteria for purchase. This will act as a checklist of sorts during the search. Automatic? Check. Hybrid? Double check. The first step may be the easiest, but the most important thing is to make sure your preferred accessories aren’t too much for your purse strings. 

Step 2: Budget 

Speaking of purse strings, it’s time to decide on a budget. Your needs and what you can afford to need will be closely tied. When outlining a budget, realism is painful but an absolute necessity. You need to consider the obvious things, like how much money you can commit to a car payment per month and how much you can put toward a down payment. But you also need to think about the specifics: Insurance, gas allowance, average miles driven per week, potential maintenance costs, etc.Some dealerships will offer financing, but it’s easy to sign your life away to something you can’t reasonably afford if you don’t consider all angles. There are plenty of auto lenders out there, so make sure you do your homework. 

Step 3: Search 

Once you’ve decided on your criteria for purchase and dipped it in reality by deciding on a budget, it’s time to embark on the search. There are a lot of online dealerships out there. You need to find the dealership that works best for you, on a platform that’s easy to use. Consider things like offered variety, customer service, and of course, price comparisons. This step can be overwhelming, but your carefully outlined criteria for purchase and budget should offer some pretty clear guidance. In fact, the search can be fun and full of possibility. It’s during Steps 4 and 5 that the car buying process gets real. 

Step 4: Shop 

Inevitably, you’ll narrow down the options galore to a decisive few and it’ll require you to peek out from behind the computer screen. It’s time to reserve the company car and schedule an appointment to view it with your own eyeballs. This goes without saying but seeing the car for yourself will ensure that you get what you’re willing to pay for. You’ve already confined your search to a particular location, so you can simply reserve a vehicle or submit a contact request with a few key clacks and a click. 

Step 5: Close 

Now that you’ve found a car you love and you’ve taken it for a little test drive, it’s time to close the deal. You’ll already have done your research on financing way back in Step 2, so you should feel confident enough negotiating. This is where you’ll hammer out the details that count: Accessories to be included, buying options, extended warranty, etc. If you can’t come to an agreement where need and budget meet, keep looking. 

When car shopping, patience is much more than a virtue, it’s the key to your brand new car. The fact is, settling may press the gas on making a commitment you’re not ready for. However long it takes, it’s worth reaching that unofficial Step 6: Drive. 

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