Time-Tested Marketing Strategies For Small Business Success

time-tested marketing strategies small business success

Every marketer knows that having a dynamic marketing strategy is the key to their success. You know that marketing plays a key role in the success of your business, but you might not know how to develop a dynamic marketing strategy that expands your business and helps you tap new markets. 

How Much To Spend? 

For starters, you're going to want to spend around ten percent of your overall small business income on marketing. You'll want to scale up from there depending on whether you're attempting to gain inroads with new markets or solidify your current customer base - you should be doing both, but one will naturally take priority at different points in your business's journey. 

Focus On Content Optimization 

The backbone of any digital marketing campaign will be fresh content marketing delivered in a manner that your customers deem timely and relevant. Translation: when your customers have an issue or are about to make a purchase, you should be there to deliver content that will solve their problem or facilitate the purchase by providing more relevant information. 

Search engine marketing, a critical component of small business marketing success, is predicated on rewarding content optimization in the sense that optimized content ranks higher on major search engines like Google. Getting ranked high on these search engines is paramount because the vast majority of your potential customers will not scroll beyond page one of the results. 

Focus on delivering quality blog content that's in tune with industry trends and rich with relevant keywords. You will be rewarded for optimizing your content with higher search rankings - technically, search engine results pages (SERPs) - and your website popping up right after the customer's search query on, say, Google. 

Social Media Engagement Is Key 

If you're like most businesses, your customer base is getting younger and more digital. In fact, this new generation of kids - known as Generation Z - are said to be digital natives, a cohort that hasn't been without a smartphone or social media their entire lives. 

It is hard for many of us to imagine, but engaging this part of your customer base where they like to spend time (e.g., social media) is critical to reaching them. What's more, social media engagement is already considered a key marketing strategy by approximately 90 percent of businesses. 

Brand engagement tends to be much higher on Facebook and Instagram; Instagram, in particular, is a favorite social media hangout for the younger generation. Facebook shouldn't be forgotten, though, since it has a 75 percent post engagement rate over the first five years. 

Website Optimization Ties Everything Together 

You may need to edit your website's Metadata to ensure that your website is findable for search engines and overhaul your website to incorporate UX design principles. 

A responsive website that loads across devices ties everything together in the sense that your content marketing, search engine optimization, and social media engagement will be greatly enhanced with an optimized, responsive business website.

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