4 Fastest-Growing Industries In The World

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If you are going to be starting a business in the years 2019 or 2020, it is important to consider the industries that you want to end up going to. It is important because you want to end up in an industry that is going to be growing and is going to give you a chance to grow quickly, with it. There are many industries that are having a bit of a boom at the moment, but four industries with some very specific niches within these industries are getting a lot of attention worldwide. They are seeing some extremely fast growth and demand that is growing, seemingly every day. It might be a good idea to dive into some of these industries in the coming year, so you can take advantage of them as much as the companies are already within. 


Gaming is probably one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, with all of the niches within the industry seeing more profit, faster growth rate and wider audiences they can reach every day. Even when considering just eSports, it is hard to deny the popularity of gaming, especially when they are competitive. This subset of the industry is quickly starting to dominate mainstream media outlets with live feeds, while online streams of games and competitions are always highly demanded. 

On the other hand, the indie gaming scene is also seeing quite a lot of growth. But possibly the part of the industry that is seeing the most growth is the one that concerns itself mostly with online gaming. This means both online games such as Fortnite and online games such as fast payout casino venues. They are relatively expensive to build, but with proper server maintenance and proper popularity, games like these can quickly find a following among hundreds of new fans, and bring quite a lot of profit for the founding company. 

AI Startups 

One industry that has seen a lot of development together with the gaming industry and as many thanks to the game industry, is the technology sector specifically dedicated to the creation of AI and machine learning. Companies that concern themselves with related activities are seeing a rise in investment, as many people are starting to believe that AI is going to be one of the main solutions to some of the biggest problems that humanity is going to be facing in the near future. This includes things such as medicine, manufacturing, media, and even AI development itself, as AI is believed to be a far superior AI developer to humans. Creating a startup that dedicates its time to AI is not an easy task, as it requires some extremely high levels of education and skill, but being a supporter of such a company is possible. These companies require good data scientists, developers and other skills that they might not have had all of the time to learn. Getting into supporting these companies might be a good way to get into the industry and carve out a nice space within it. 

Health Quality Control 

Think of this as Social Media for health. This is probably one of the industry niches that is the easiest to get, as long as you are able to come up with a good template for a social media that will mainly concern itself with connecting customers and medical professionals and allowing customers to leave reliable reviews for them. This is something that is incredibly hard to achieve and insurance companies have been struggling to deal with. But it is also something that has a lot of potential to become incredibly useful to most people in their daily lives. The ability to look up whether a doctor you are going to be visiting or not is reliable is a luxury that you don’t often get. It is also why the demand for related products is so high, while the supply is so low. 

Green Energy 

The world has entered a stage in its history when it is concerning itself more and more with green energy. The number of companies and the number of customers these companies are seeing is growing worldwide, which means there has never been a better time to start investing in a company that tries to create green energy solutions. This might be a solar panel company or it might be a company that concerns itself with specific house insulation that saves energy. One way or another, it is an industry that is only going to be growing from today on, as the world advances into the future and tries to move away from fossil fuels as much as possible.

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