5 Creative Ways to Reward Your Staff for Hard Work

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Employee satisfaction is not the sole responsibility of Human Resources -- it's a smart business strategy. Businesses with engaged employees are 21% more profitable.

How does a satisfied employee make a business more profitable? They do this in many ways. Satisfied employees miss less work. They also quit less. This saves employers a lot of money in absenteeism and turnover.

How can you make your employees feel more satisfied? One excellent way to do this is to offer your team rewards. These rewards recognize all their hard work and make employees feel more valued. 

For five great ways to reward your staff, check out the list below.

1. Notes and Certificates

For inexpensive, heartfelt rewards, personal notes or free ecard can go a long way. Rewards such as personal notes, free ecards, or certificates should be used to recognize employees for more day-to-day accomplishments.

They can also be used to recognize an employee's value during a hard time. Acknowledging that someone is doing their best is very motivating in itself.

2. Catering or Snacks

Most people can't pass up free food -- that includes employees. After all, food often eats into our time and budget, so providing it helps your employees in more ways than one. 

If you're trying to recognize specific employees, give them the option to choose what kind of food to have catered. Alternatively, you can take them to lunch or dinner on the company's dime. 

3. Extra Free Time

This has to be one of the most highly sought after rewards on the list. There's nothing most employees value more than their personal time. 

This type of reward should be reserved for special occasions -- for example, maybe when an employee hits a record-breaking sales goal. After all, they'll have earned the monetary value of their extra time off.

4. Company Gifts

Most companies have their own merchandise with the company's name or logo on it. However, who wants a company pen as a reward? If you give an employee company-branded swag as a reward, make sure that it is meaningful. 

Some examples of meaningful company gifts include clothing, VIP parking, or a trophy. You can try to match your company-related gifts to your employee's interest in extra points with them.

You can even arrange senior leadership to give star employees a kind of master class in the industry. This demonstrates a genuine interest in their success and wellbeing. 

5. Local Rewards

If you are going to outsource for worker rewards, keep it local. It is a good display of care for the community, a character trait that is admirable.

Local restaurants, museums, attractions, and events are all opportunities for team rewards. You can pick up a gift certificate or tickets to hand out. You can even arrange for some remote working time together in a more dynamic atmosphere.

Team Rewards and More

Offering team rewards is an investment in your staff. If you want effective, efficient, passionate, and loyal employees, you also have to return the favor. You have to show your employees that you value and appreciate them.

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