Boost Your Business – 5 Ways To Improve Your Credibility

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When you’re running a business, your reputation is truly your most precious resource. People will only hire you if they trust you — and if they have reason to believe you’ll deliver quality products or services for the price you’re charging. Company credibility and a positive reputation is as good as currency in the competitive world of business today. 

Looking to build your company’s credibility as a way to strengthen its bottom line? Here are five areas to consider when managing your business reputation. 

Use Social Proof 

People trust the opinions of other people — family members, friends, coworkers, neighbors, even strangers on the internet — more than they trust companies. And this is totally understandable! Potential customers want to hear from other real people that they’ve had a positive experience before handing over their hard-earned money. 

This need for social proof is why so many of us check Yelp! before committing to a new restaurant. When you see an establishment has a high rating and lots of positive feedback, it makes the decision to patronize it that much easier. 

The good news is that 88 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations, according to HubSpot. Make sure you’re asking previous clients to leave an honest rating and review for use on social media and your website. This social proof will go a long way in building trust and credibility with potential customers. 

Own Your Social Media Pages 

In today’s increasingly digital world, it’s no longer enough to have your own branded website. People expect small businesses to maintain a presence across social media platforms, too. Many customers will visit these pages first when they’re seeking out information and forming an opinion about your company. 

Own your social media pages. Turn social media into a hub for reviews, business hours, booking information, contact information, content, and updates for your customers. Think about how much better it looks to maintain a thoughtful, detailed social media page that’s updated regularly by the company than to neglect an empty or outdated one. 

Long story short: The impression your small business gives off on social media can be the determining factor in whether you acquire a lead or fail to do so. 

Insure Your Business 

In certain lines of work, customers will ask whether you carry business liability insurance before even agreeing to hire you — contractors, landscapers, handymen, consultants, caterers, fitness instructors and pet industry workers have likely encountered this question before. And if you admit you’re lacking coverage, it tends to tarnish your reputation for professionalism. 

When people are hiring small businesses to perform a service for them, they want peace of mind that they’re hiring a seasoned professional. They also want to avoid having to take on liability themselves. 

Here’s an example from Angie’s List: A homeowner hires a contractor to remodel their upstairs bathroom. The bathtub ends up falling through the floor, causing multi-level damage. If the contractor was carrying General Liability insurance, their policy would kick in to cover that inadvertent property damage. If the contractor lacked coverage, the homeowner would actually be on the hook for the costs. 

Produce Useful, Engaging Content 

Think about the gulf between someone who’s been working in an industry for years vs. someone with no prior experience. As a small business owner, you’re in a unique position to help answer the average consumer’s questions about your field. 

When brands create useful, engaging content that helps demystify their products, services and industry, they build authority in the eyes of their target audience. People appreciate genuinely helpful content, and your company can be the one to provide it. 

Stand Behind Your Products & Services 

Last but not least, consumers want to see that you stand behind your products and services. This might mean offering a free trial or discount for first-timers. Maybe you offer a warranty or money-back guarantee. You might even compile case studies that demonstrate the good work you’ve done in the past. Endorsing your products and services goes a long way in boosting customer confidence and strengthening your business reputation.

Boost Your Business From Credible To Incredible

Using these strategies, you’ll be well on your way to improving the credibility of your small business. Then your company can go from credible to incredible! Continue with your company's offline and online reputation management to maximize consistent results.

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