Why You Need Social Media Marketing for Your Business

why you need social media marketing for business advertising

This the world of the global age. The world meets at one single platform, the web, and especially social media. Social media has been portrayed by the mainstream media as a weapon of mass destruction and something that is corrupting the world, it is a very useful tool. 

Social media is a myriad of opportunities a place where the whole world meet, a place where you can reach millions of people at once. Anyone who owns a business dreams to reach that many people, and now you can do that. 

Social media marketing is one of the best most effective ways of marketing your service or your product. You can reach the people you want to help your business grow. A marketer who uses social media as a marketing tool says that their business has improved tremendously by just spending six hours a week on their social media. 

Here are some reasons why you should start using social media marketing for your business. 

Targeted Marketing 

Anyone who knows about the basics of marketing knows that every product and service have a target market. The best way to sell your product and service is to reach that specific group of people that are the target market for your product. 

There are two ways you can use social media to reach your target market. First is the platform itself. Facebook is most popular among the age group of 18-34. 81% of Americans in this age group use Facebook. 

13-17 years old use Instagram most and 18-29 also use Instagram a lot. So now you can just look up some statistics concerning your country and see which age group is your target audience and which platform they use the most, you can promote your business on that platform. 

The second way is even easier, most social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook allow you to reach your specific age group and target audience. If your product is for women you target your post to women and women only. So, it becomes easier. 

You can target people who are in a relationship, generally shop or are interested in things or products you are selling. You can be as specific as you want to, you can go down to ethnicities and understand your audience better. 

You Can Understand Your Audience Better 

It is really important to understand your audience, you need to know what they think of your brand and how they react to your brand or your services. The feedback of your customers is really important. On social media, you can understand that you can take short surveys. 

You always have the option of putting out short survey question that takes only seconds to fill and you can get the opinion of your target market. Ask them about the new products and what they would like to see more from your brand. This can help your brand grow and make you better at understanding it. 

It Is Essential For Both Products And Services 

If you are offering services you are still doing business and it is equally important that you have a social media presence. For example, you are a real estate agent in Clermont. You can create a page called Clermont FL Real Estate and you can put the houses and their pictures on social media. 

As you upload the post you can select the target audience and choose it to Clermont only and you can target specific age groups, this way your post will reach the people you want it to reach without doing much. 

So, no matter what you are selling, you could be selling a product like a face wash or you could be selling your services like wall repair services you can improve your business by being on social media. 

SEO Becomes More Powerful With Social Media

Now that Facebook and Google have partnered the search engines have become more social. You can reach a wider audience on social media through keywords and SEO than you can with websites. If your keyword is on a social media platform it is more likely to show up in top searches on Google and Bing search engines. 

Social Media Can Help Build Brand Image By Engagements

If you have been in the business for a while you know how important brand image is, established business keeps growing because their brand image has been built. But all big brands claim that their brand image got better when they finally chose to be on social media. 

As a small brand, you need to build your image. The easiest way to do it is by engaging the audience. You can start by sending out quick replies to the queries that are sent your way. This is important, now that people can easily reach your brand if you are not quick enough there is no purpose of being on social media. 

Another great way to build your brand image by communicating with the customer and audience in the comments section. It is great to engage people by posting interactive posts. This will build your reputation on social media platform itself and help reach more people organically. 

Some Things You Should Do To Help Your Brand Grow On Social Media 

- Publish interactive posts, hold giveaways of your products to engage more people. 

- Go the organic route, don’t buy followers on fake sites, don’t buy followers and likes at all because all of them are fake. They only route and the only short cut is hard work. 

- Try to post one a day across major platforms like Facebook, Instagram. Post at least a few times a week on other social media. 

- Try to understand your audience, and target your post very specifically. 


In conclusion, social media marketing is really important and helpful for your business especially if you are just starting. Try to be more available and if you have a product make sure you ship it to more than one city. Remember hard work is the best short cut you can take.

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