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One of the mistakes digital marketers commit is that they create only one-off marketing strategy campaigns without having plans before the creation of the campaign. When this happens, there is a lower chance of success on that particular campaign, also it is complicated to be scaled or measured. To avoid this to happen, there must be a reliable scaling mechanism for every campaign, no matter what kind of platform has been used. One of these is the Ad Grid. 

Ad Grid has been used by many digital marketers to increase the success rates of every ad campaign. It is the tool that is usually relied on in terms of planning, testing, and measuring paid traffic campaigns. This mechanism also helps marketers in organizing and making systematic approaches to traffic strategies. It is how to scale a business successfully with increased traffic and conversions.

Before discussing further matters on Ad Grid, let us first determine why one-off campaigns often fail. 

One-Off Campaigns

Why This Is Not A Good Idea 

Generally, one-off campaigns fail because it only catches a few visitors, and does not have a longer impact on the audience. And these are some of the reasons: 

REASON #1: One-Off Campaign Is Unable To cater To The Customers' Perspectives. 

Unfortunately, one-off campaigns work without "introducing" themselves well to its audience. And just like how people get surprised when an individual suddenly shows up, they do not trust those kinds of campaigns because simply put, they are not aware of you. One-off campaigns, then, fail to give a proper value to that brand. 

REASON #2: One-Off Advertisements Mostly Have Very Low-Quality Scores

The inability of a one-off campaign to gather high marks in the quality scores because they fail to provide relevance to the needs, wants, and other preferences of the audience. In advertising, you just don't inform the public about your brands. You must present it to the right people with the right needs and the right context. 

REASON #3: One-Off Campaigns Are Hard To Scale

As the saying goes, "the more, the merrier". And this can also be applied in making campaigns. If you only have 1 or 2 campaigns, it will be hard to determine with those campaigns how the strategy is doing. This, sadly, limits the great potential the brand can have to the digital world. 

With these mentioned reasons, there is the Ad Grid who can help you get the most out of every campaign that you have and will be creating in the future for your brands. 

The Process Of Ad Grid 

As mentioned, Ad Grid is a big help in planning and executing marketing strategies without wasting so much time, energy, and money. 

The general idea in Ad Grid is to use this for every ad that you will be offering. In filling for every grid, you must focus on the offer which will be the entry point for the so-called funnel. 

In the funnel, here are the things that are usually considered: 

- The customers' awareness of a particular problem, your offer, and can you solve the problem 

- The customers' evaluation of that problem (if there's any) and how your offer is compared to your competitors 

- If the customer converted from you, and how can you get him converted again and this time, more frequently 

The following are the steps in Ad Grid to get started: 

1. Determine Your Avatar 

The avatar pertains to the profile of the person who can be interested in your campaign. This is your potential audience. They visit your site because they would like to know about your brands. It is important to organize your Avatar by creating a Specific Avatar for each ad offer. Identify 2-5 Avatars, and avoid adding too many. 

Moreover, you also have to forecast who would possibly be interested in your brand. 

2. Identify The Hooks

Your Hook is the message in your campaign. This answers the question "Why" people should be interested in your offer. Without identifying your hooks, you will unable to extend to your target audience about your brand. This will also discuss the benefits and values that people can get from your brand. 

Here are the things that we consider in thinking about your Hook: 

- What the people can have in your brand that they do not have before. 
- How will your clients feel once they avail your brand. 
- How does your brand can improve the daily living of the people. 
- What will be the changes that your customers will have in their status 
- The proofs or results that the customer can experience in your offer 
- How does your offer can speed their daily living 

3. Write Them Down 

It is essential to write the message down what will correspond best to the avatar and the hook. Instead of writing a broader ad, you can create a better and more powerful ad to a particular Avatar in a particular hook. This might sound time-consuming, yet this will surely be worth it. 

4. Research About Your Avatar

If you do not know anything about your audience, your offer will surely fail, so avatar research is another important thing to do. 

You can check out these questions to guide you what you have to know about your avatar: 

- The things that they read 
- Their inspiration 
- Their source of motivation 
- Their pain points 
- Their interests 
- The events they usually attend 

The answers from these inquiries will help you in targeting what you will use in setting up your campaigns. 

5. Create Or Look For Ad Creatives 

To make your campaign more appealing, you will be needing ad creatives. These are pictures, graphics or videos that you can match with the traffic platform your ad runs on. This should match your Hook. 

6. Accumulate The Results

After accomplishing the five mentioned steps, you can now launch your campaign. Five to seven days after, it's time to collect and analyze the results. You can use the Ad Grid to measure the success of the campaign. Choose the appropriate metric that will suitable for your business. Then, apply it to your Ad Grid to make it more visible. 

7. Scale

The Ad Grid will help you see the Avatars and Hooks that stood out. Particularly, you can now identify the Avatars that responded to your campaign, converted Hooks, and its intersections. 

From here, you can also determine the Hooks that failed, and this will give you an idea of what does not work for you to avoid having the same mistake in the future. 

Start Scaling Your Traffic And Conversions 

Traffic is the lifeblood of all web-based businesses. But without quality traffic and conversions you won't enjoy the scale-up success you are seeking.

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