6 Things To Look For In A Mobile App Developer In NZ

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Mobile technologies continues to grow in size and importance all over the world, saturating many areas of people’s lives and changing the way they communicate and do business in the most revolutionary ways possible. 

Here in New Zealand, the growth of mobile is also a continuing trend. In 2023, smartphone penetration in the country reached an all-time high rate of 85 percent, while mobile penetration has been at more than 95 percent for several years already, thanks to the fact that there are now more mobile connections in most countries than there are citizens. 

This trend presents tremendous opportunities for many mobile-reliant industries, which today include the likes of banking and finance, travel, hospitality, and retail. As such, if you are a business owner who is interested in mobile app development—the creation of a mobile application that can serve as a platform for your products and services online—then now is the perfect time to explore what it can actually do for you. 

Naturally, you have to have an idea about the qualities that you should look for in a mobile app development company when you decide to test the waters. This is an important step to take before you finally set sail on what could be a long and challenging journey towards creating the perfect app for your business. Here are some of the things that we recommend you should look for. 

Experience With A Wide Range Of Clients And Industries 

A web and mobile app development company that has a wealth of experience with a panoply of clients and industries will have developed best practices that they could also implement when they work on your project. Consider asking for references—a respectable app development company, for example, will have past clients that can provide insights regarding how your prospective agency was able to provide solutions to the challenges that they previously faced. It is also very likely that the company has existing reviews and testimonials on their Google business page or elsewhere, which can further help you decide whether or not they are the right fit for you. 

Experience Working With Businesses Similar To Yours 

It is also recommended to pick a mobile app development company that has had previous experience working with clients whose way of doing business is quite akin to yours. After all, a clear understanding of the nature and needs of your business is critical to the development of a mobile app that is truly tailored to your unique requirements. 

Ability To Create Apps For Different Platforms, OS, And Devices 

The app development company should also be well-versed in creating applications for different types of devices and operating systems like Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android, as well in developing applications of different variants, whether they be web apps, native apps, or hybrid apps. They should be prepared to help you create a cross-platform app, which can maximise your potential reach and your revenue-earning capabilities. 

Personalised Approach 

It will also be advantageous if your chosen mobile app development company can provide you a dedicated account manager or project manager, who will be able to oversee all aspects of your project and can serve as your central and primary point-of-contact in the agency. This way, it will be much easier to delegate tasks and to set expectations, whether it is about deadlines or in attending to one of the many nitty-gritties of your project. 

Specialised Approach 

Web and mobile app development can be a complicated task, and as such, it is not typically something that professionals work on in isolation. Specialists like web developers, graphic designers, content creators, SEO practitioners—and probably even more—will work in synergy to ensure the best results. If your chosen mobile app development agency has all of these professionals under one roof, then there’s a greater chance for your project to be successful. 

Level Of Support They Are Prepared To Provide 

Getting your website and mobile application up and running is only the start of your journey. Along the way, you will need to work on updates, modify the content and design of your app, attend to serious errors that customers encounter, and so on and so forth. This is why you should ask your prospective mobile app development company what sort of support they can provide going forward, and how much these are going to cost you. Do this right from the get go. After all, you’ll want someone you can truly rely one when the going gets tough. 


Launching a mobile app is an exciting endeavour that can have a remarkable impact on the way you do business and the way you engage with your customers and stakeholders. This is why it is important for you to find a dependable partner who can leverage their knowledge of mobile technologies in the best way possible, allowing you to maximise the benefits that could accrue from your investment.

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