10 Reasons Your Business Must Outsource SEO

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Business owners in the U.S. spend more than $850 billion dollars every year on digital marketing services. That figure includes money spent on email marketing, website development, and video production. But the largest chunk of that money is spent on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). So, what is outsource marketing? It is letting a third party handle all or parts of your marketing.

SEO is what you do to make your company's website show up higher in the search results when potential customers go looking for information online. It is a complex process, and it is changing all the time thanks to Google's mysterious and every-changing algorithms.

That is why companies often outsource SEO to freelancers or agencies that specialize in the service. Hiring a Detail Marketing SEO Freelancer is the way to go for the best search engine optimization results. It isn't something to mess around with unless you are a top industry expert.

If you are on the fence about outsourcing your company's SEO, read on for the top 10 most important reasons businesses to outsource SEO to the pros. 

Top 10 Reasons Businesses Outsource SEO

1. SEO Is Complicated

The idea behind SEO is pretty straightforward. You want your company to show up high in the search results on Google. So, if you sell patio furniture, effective SEO will help your company to be listed on the first page of the search results whenever someone searches for "deck chairs". 

However, getting to that point takes time, a lot of research and a deep understanding of how the search algorithms work. A search algorithm is a formula that companies like Google use to find, store and then provide the most helpful information on the internet.

Google's search algorithms process the words you use in your search, your location and the relevance of your search to determine what information to provide you and in what order. As a business owner, you want to figure out how to position your company's website in a way that Google will like, so to speak.

But here is the thing about Google.com searches. Google's algorithm changes all the time. In just one year, the company reported 3,234 updates! That is a lot to keep up with, and that is why the complexity of successful SEO is the #1 reason why outsourcing it is a good idea.

2. In-House SEO Experts Are Expensive

The average SEO manager earns $75,712 a year. Most companies will need more than one on staff, so you could easily pay a quarter of a million dollars a year just for SEO staff members.

By contrast, you could hire a team of experts on a contract or project basis for $1,000-$7,000.  Obviously, the scope of the SEO project will determine the cost, but it is considerably less than keeping a staff of people employed.

3. You Are Not an Expert On SEO

Unless your business is SEO, you are not an expert. In all probability, neither are your employees. So, you will need to hire employees who are (see above) or train one or two of your current staff members to handle it. 

SEO requires a set of skills that can't be learned in a day or even a week. To do it right, SEO specialists need in-depth training, and they need time every day to put it into action. This will inevitably take them away from their other work, or you will have to hire someone else to replace them. Your best bet is to hire an expert from an expert SEO company such as https://traffv.com/services/seo/ to get you more relevant organic traffic and keyword rankings long-term. You must work with trusted professionals, or your entire search engine optimization strategy could go up in smoke.

4. When You Outsource SEO, You Get Objectivity

You know your product and your industry better than anyone. But, there is a danger in being so close to something. You might miss the obvious.

When you outsource your SEO, you work with experts in that field who know very little about yours. They'll ask a lot of questions about your products, your sales techniques, your target audience, and your goals.

In doing so, they'll get you thinking about new issues in new ways. Your SEO experts may uncover problems within your company that you weren't aware of. They might even come up with new marketing opportunities that could take your company to the next level. 

5. SEO Requires Specific Tools

Your company requires certain tools to operate, from the machinery to the office software. The same is true with SEO, and those tools are expensive.

Rather than shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars for new enterprise software systems and marketing automation programs, you can hire people who already have them. 

6. Hiring An SEO Agency Buys You A Team

If you outsource SEO to a full-service digital marketing agency, you get access to a team of experts who do a lot more than SEO. Even if SEO is your primary purpose for working with an agency, you may have other marketing needs from time to time.

When that happens, you already have a working relationship and can very likely hire the people you already know for the new project. An agency can help you find out more about video production and email marketing when you're ready to launch.

7. SEO Trends Change

By now, you probably have an idea of how complicated SEO is. It also changes a lot to keep up with those search algorithm we talked about earlier. 

Search engines like Google are constantly updating their processes to keep up with the 3.5 billion searches performed every day. When you outsource SEO, you can depend on that company to keep up with algorithmic changes and other industry updates so you don't have to. 

8. SEO Is Time-Consuming

Getting your company to the first page of the search results on Google takes time. Keeping you there takes even more. SEO is fluid, and your company's rank can change overnight.

Your SEO specialists need to stay on top of your position daily. It isn't something that can be done once a year. And that brings us to the final reason for outsourcing your SEO.

9. Content Content Content 

The single biggest factor that influences your company's rank in search results is the freshness of content on your website. Google wants to provide searchers with relevant information. So, it prioritizes data that it views as updated or fresh.

The best way to take advantage of this is by posting new content on a regular basis. You might post a new blog entry, a video, a white paper or a new product launch on your website.

Content takes time to create and update to keep you in Google's good graces. Your outsourced SEO experts can help you with that. 

10. You Need To Go Global 

Top outsourced SEO agencies know that for many businesses to succeed, they must reach multiple countries in multiple languages. They may have someone on their payroll that specializes in international SEO or even speaks another language, to help your website reach more readers, viewers, and buyers. 

If you outsource SEO to a global agency, you can get growing on Google around the world. 

Final Thoughts On Outsourcing SEO

When you outsource SEO effectively, you improve your search engine rankings on Google. That means more people will see your company and visit your website. And that is really the bottom line here. 

Outsourced SEO can help you improve your bottom line. It just makes sense for most companies without the resources to take SEO into their own hands.

If you would like to learn more about the search engine optimization, continue reading our blog. Visit the SEO and Blogger Outreach section of our website right now for more great tips to grow on Google in 2024!

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