6 Things To Look For In A Press-Fit Connector Pin

press-fit connector pin technology

When working with electronic connections, it helps to have high-quality components to make sure that nothing will go wrong. One of the best innovations is the use of press-fit technology. Press-fit technology allows reliable connections between Printed Circuit Boards or PCBs and terminal pins without the need for soldering. This method is now widely utilized in the automotive sector. 

What Is Press-Fit Technology? 

Press-fit connector pins are known for being reliable connecting binders between two components without necessitating soldering processes. The two parts remain connected together through frictional forces, therefore, creating a connection that is gas-tight and cold-welded. 

Press-fit pins entered the market during the 1970s. Later on, in 1984, the DIN 41611-5 standard for this technology was created and followed soon by IEC guidance 60352-5. These guidelines discuss the general requirements, test methods, and practical advice on the usage of press-fit pins. If the components are found to meet the qualifications, they are deemed compliant. Thus, press-fit also became popularly known as a compliant pin

What Characteristics Should Press-Fit Pins Have? 

For a trustworthy and long-lasting press-fit connector pin, you should consider looking for the following qualities: 

1. Excellent eye of the needle design 
2. Outstanding and highly reliable electrical contact that is gas-tight and protected against corrosion 
3. Low press-in force and great retention force 
4. Improved mechanical stability 
5. Quick elastic recovery and no nozzle effect or PCB deformation when there is a force 
6. During the press-in process, there should be no tin chips and controlled tin displacements. 

Where Can You Buy Best Quality Press-Fit Pins? 

If you are looking to purchasing compliant press-fit pins, choose the Dietze Group/Elbik. The company has years of experience and a proven track record in producing and distributing high- precision press-fit connector pins, stamped terminal pins, and wire-based terminal pins. Their products cater to the automotive, aerospace, military, electronics, and lighting industries, among others, so you can be assured that they give the best products and services.

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