6 Tips On How To Advertise Your Ghostwriting Services

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If you have the ability to write well, you may want to use that skill to build other brands. Being a ghostwriter can sometimes feel like an unrewarded career. Sure, you are paid for your ghostwriting services, but it is not enough for every writer. Some people find passion in helping others succeed. This should be the attitude of every ghostwriter out there. We often forget that the ghostwriter also needs to advertise their services. There are a few options proven to work in the favor of the writer and the client. 

1. Social Media 

Believe it or not, but social media is a powerful advertising source. Even companies are using this platform to advertise and market their products and services. Do not get left behind on this one. It is always advisable to connect with potential clients via social media. You can do the same to network with various individuals. You never know who will need your services. 

2. LinkedIn 

We all have seen how this platform has grown in popularity among professionals over the last few years and with good reason. This is a place where everyone can network and connect with each other, but it is done in a more professional manner than the average social media platforms. It is definitely a place someone goes to when trying to find a ghostwriter online. 

3. Free Listings 

There are website who allow you to offer your services free of charge. These are like job boards and it usually is a good idea to through your name and brand on there as well. You want clients to find you easily, so you need to cover all of your basis. 

4. Content Mills 

Join a content mill to advertise your ghostwriting services. These sites are often frowned upon, but we all have to start somewhere. This is a great opportunity to advertise website content writing or any other types of writing you do. It is also important to set your prices before you start working at content mills. You do not want to work for next to nothing. 

5. Writer’s Website 

You can create your own website and advertise your services there. This is also a great way to show some of your samples. If you are not a known writer yet, you can add this website URL to your social media accounts. This is an easy way for potential clients to click and end up on your website. 

6. Cold Calling / Emailing

Sometimes you just have to take a dive and do something. Make a list of all the potential clients you would like to work with. Then you want to cold-email each and every one of them. Do not send out generic emails to all of these clients. It may seem like a waste of time, but if you book 1 out of 10, you are winning. 

How Would You Advertise Your Ghostwriting Services? 

You have to try a few different methods when it comes to offering any services. There are probably a lot of ghostwriters out there, but competition is positive. It is a lucrative career choice and you can make a living out of it. Once you have a set amount of clients, you just need to keep them happy and ask for reviews and testimonials. This will help you grow your client base.

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