Business Has Become A Means Of Living

business means living work to live live to work create successful company

A business is a commercial activity and can also be a person’s occupation or profession which becomes a routine. Business is a source of earning income. People can do a business or control it only when they have the basics of the study. People who choose commerce are taught about business. Their basics are built there. Master of Business Administration is one course that helps students in learning the working of business. There are many MBA colleges in India out of which IIM is quoted as one of the top colleges. 

Need For Business: 

● Goods have to be produced in bulk 
● Expansion 
● Creativity 
● Employment 
● Communication 
● Earn income or revenue 
● Insurance 
● Standard of living 

Business is something that at least half of the world requires to earn a living. The kind of business a person is carrying out and how successful he is at it, defines how much profits he can make out of it. Therefore business has become a need to most of the people in the world. 


This is a strong word that is required by every business organization. If there is no creativity then there is no business at all since it won’t run for a long period of time. Today, businesses operate competitive, worldwide environment making creativity very important. Creativity is the thing that gives big ideas, challenges and is the unique thought process. This invites or exposes to big opportunities. A survey conducted by IBM, shows some consensus that creativity is ranked as the key factor for future success of the business. This is ranked above management discipline and vision also. 

One of the reasons are creative leaders are open to inexactness. They do not need any specifications and they keep trying every possibility. As industries are evolving, goals and priorities of a business will have to change. Few of the retailers example: Apple are constantly trying to rise the challenge by creating experiences. Another example is Starbucks where creativity comes into place in a different way that is through their ambience, interior color schemes and their music along with the seasonal beverages they provide. They have created a brand and now it’s being maintained the same way. That is one of the most important factors to focus on. 

The above factors will be inculcated in a student who pursues MBA. There are many MBA colleges in India and some of them reputed for Management related courses like Marketing, Human Resource, Operations etc. How to promote creativity within the business organization 

1. Award creativity 

2. Hire the right people for the right work or department 

3. ‘No’ as not an option at all- Without giving an option of saying no, every person has to say yes and continue with an explanation By doing this, there will be numerous ideas on the table. 

4. Flexible work hours- Try flexible work hours by assigning the employees certain hours to complete a task within a given period of time. This will make completion of work faster and will keep the employees motivated and happier. 

5. Employees need some time- You cannot force employees to work continuously. Their brain will not function well and they will not be able to execute well. Therefore they need breaks and relaxation time to work peacefully. 

Thus, creativity plays a major role in the functioning and success of a business. So get creative and create value if you want your company to be successful.

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