What Size Of Generator Should You Buy? Sizing Guide For Portable Backup Power Generators

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Sizing Guide For Backup Power Generators 

A full sizing guide for generators is going to be a useful thing and will help clear up many of the misconceptions about them. When many people picture generators they likely think of larger towering petrol drinking machines. 

That is an outdated view although some power generators certainly do match that specific description. However, nowadays generators come in many different forms and sizes so let’s look at them in more detail? 

Portable Generators 

While there is a lot of different models, fuel types and brand names to consider when you get right down to it there are two main types of generator for home use. There are also larger specialist industry generators but these aren’t going to be things you will be buying for home use. 

This makes it a bit simpler when it comes to buying a generator but even with only two categories, there is still a lot of variations to consider. Portable generators are the smaller of the two types of generator available. There are many brands of generators available, including Honda. The best brand depends on what features you're going for and what your price range is.

They are designed to be easy to move and while they are not designed exclusively for activities like camping or caravanning they have become very popular for those and other similar activities. Portable generators can also be used at home as well and they are very useful for when you need a backup power supply. 

If you suffer an electrical blackout or power loss then a portable generator will be a useful investment because it can be brought out to keep essential home appliances running. Portable generators are much smaller and lighter than a conventional home backup generator but can still be surprisingly heavy and bulky machines. 

They can also take numerous different fuels including petrol, gas, diesel, propane and even solar power. There is also a lot of variation when it comes to the power levels of portable generators some can be surprisingly powerful but make sure you carefully examine the max power level of any generator you buy. 

This way you can be sure your portable generator will actually be able to power your home appliances when you need it to. They are cheaper less powerful generators but still very useful, let’s look at the bigger home backup generators in more detail next. 

Conventional Home Backup Generators 

The generator most people picture when they imagine one is a larger home backup generator. These generators are much larger than a portable model and are designed to offer power to your whole home during an emergency or blackout

Home generators are more complicated machines but when they are set-up correctly they provide huge peace of mind and can be incredibly useful investments. They like portable generators can take different types of fuel and come in many different forms. 

There are many different manufacturers who produce conventional home backup generators and some are larger than others. They also have different power ranges so you will again need to do your research when buying one. You will also need to ensure you have an area big enough and suitable enough to install the generator as well.

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