Which Smartwatch Should You Choose When Shopping For Garmin Singapore - A Round Or Square Watch Face?

best smartwatch buy shopping round face vs square watch face

Functionality and fashion are the two reasons that can influence your decision of buying a smartwatch. Earlier, choices were limited. So you didn't have to think much about what to choose and what not to choose. Now, the scenario has changed. These are not just a kind of gadget that you are looking for to track your fitness and lifestyle, but they have also become an essential addition to your overall style quotient. Hence, when you go shopping for one, make sure to select something that can meet all your needs. One of the main aspects to consider in this area can be the watch face. 

You must have come across round- and square-shaped display screens in many stores. The question is – which one should you buy? Both of these have their upsides and downsides. Here is a quick rundown on them so that you can choose the best fit for yourself. 

Round Watch Face 

It is a more modern design compared to the traditional square-style display screens. One of the best parts about circular shape is that it looks sleek, thin, light, and natural. You can wear a round-shaped smartwatch to get a classic look in an instant. It invariably goes with every style and fashion that you want to flaunt. 

Another highlight of this shape is its expansive screen that provides bigger display space for viewing things. Then, since some watches come with gyroscope, you can rotate their screen when needed to look at the desired features. For an experience, you can browse through the range of Garmin Singapore. 

In essence, round wristwatches in this category are the iconic choice when it comes to enjoying the classic flavours with new-age functions. However, one downside of these watches is the underutilization of the screen space. The texts and notifications either display in the centre or lower part of the circular screen, leading much blank space around it. Due to this, some apps that are more compatible with square screens may not show up in their best of form and shape on a round watch face. 

Square Watch Face 

One of the major attractions of any rectangular display screen is its ability to give a better view of texts and notifications. It's easy to see emails and websites on this kind of shape because you can read everything thoroughly. All the words fit the screen properly without any omission or cutting. As a consequence, you don't have to scroll the screen a lot. Since icons also sit in rows, there is maximum usage of the screen space. 

Besides, being one of the first designs in smartwatches, they enjoy the advantage of familiarity. You can operate them much comfortably. Also, most apps follow a square format. Hence, you will not face any problem in this area too. 

The drawback of this watch shape is that you cannot match your classic style with this. It has got a more edgy and bold appearance, which can blend well with any modern or casual fashion effortlessly. Also, some people don’t feel comfortable with square designs, which is although more of a personal preference than anything else. 

Smartwatches can be your best investment in terms of fashion and technology. If you are not sure which watch display screen can be your ideal bet, then grab both to be ready for all occasions.

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