10 Best Places To Travel For Students On A Budget

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Top Global Destinations for Students on a Budget 

Finding out about cheap travel destinations is important when you’re a student and you’re traveling on a budget. Many locations around the world offer stunning experiences for young people who do not have money to throw around. 

In a number of countries the street food is surprisingly affordable and staying in hostels and traveling on local buses can also help to reduce costs considerably. Exotic locations do not always come with a high price tag, especially if you don’t stay in high-end resorts and eat out every night. 

You may just be able to have some experiences you’ll never forget at a price that won’t break the bank. Here are 10 of the best travel destinations to visit if you’re a student on a budget. 

1. Thailand 

Thailand is one of the favorite travel destinations if you’re a student on a budget. Students can survive in Thailand $25 a day or a little more. Eat cheap local food, use local buses for transport and stay in hostel dorms. 

If you don’t want to deal with the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, you can do some island hopping. The Ko Phi Phi Islands have a reputation as a party place but you don’t want to miss out on the crystal-clear water, white beaches, mountainous terrain and greenery. 

Enjoy a fire show on one of the beaches where you’re greeted with sticks on fire and flaming jump ropes. Go on a snorkeling trip where you will see awe-inspiring lagoons and surrounding islands. 

2. Nepal 

Nepal is home to lakes, lush fields of tea, exotic wildlife and bustling towns. It is a remote destination but if you can get there it is one of the cheapest places on the list. 

The street food costs very little and basic hostels and rooms cost under $10 a night. You can get around by bus or car. The backpacker district of Thamel has many bars, hostels and cheap eats. 

The capital city of Kathmandu is a site you should miss. It extremely unique in terms of its architecture and is surrounded by terraced hills. Enjoy mountain hiking, pay a visit to Pokhara, a lakeside town, or go on a safari in Chitwan. 

3. Sri Lanka 

Sri Lanka is full of surprises, from its exotic temples to its beaches. Enjoy the cheap street eats, including fiery curries and mouth-watering samosas. Stay in a hostel for about $10 and get around on a bus or a train. In the cities you can use a Tuk-Tuk or a local driving app like Uber. 

Visit Nuwara Eliya in Sri Lanka for its lush greenness and natural marvels, such as its magnificent waterfalls. If you’re into kite surfing, some of the best kitesurfing in the world happens in Mannar and Kalpitya Peninsula. 

4. Costa Rica 

Costa Rica is known for its low cost of living. Some of the higher end resorts are expensive but Tamarindo is doable on a student budget. Tamarindo has wonderful beaches where you can see leatherback turtles and be entertained by howler monkeys in a wildlife refuge. 

For those interested in ecotourism, Costa Rica is a good destination because it has devoted much of its land to wildlife reserves, protected land and national parks. Surf in the clear blue water or take a walk along the coast. 

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5. Taiwan 

The tiny island of Taiwan packs a powerful punch and tends to be underrated as a destination for those on a budget. The size of the island makes it possible to explore on a motorcycle, train or bus. 

Eat savory noodles at a night market, visit ancient temples, see monkeys on trails in the rainforest and hike in the geothermal landscapes. A simple meal will cost you about $3 and a hostel dorm room about $10. 

Explore the temples of Kaohsiung and enjoy the night markets of Taipei. 

6. Vietnam 

A city you should visit in Vietnam is Ho Chi Minh with its sprawling city streets and cultural as well as historical landmarks. Bus travel is very cheap all over Vietnam but traveling by train is probably more pleasant and comfortable. Stick to local Asian eateries and eat street food such as noodle soups, crusty bread rolls and rice. 

The central location of Ho Chi Minh gives you access to many other destinations in the country. It offers a perfect blend of activities for a group of friends and the best part is that it’s very affordable. 

A Sapa trek and a Halong Bay cruise are at the top of the list of activities to do in Vietnam. Shop around and haggle over prices as there are many tour operators out to rip off tourists. There are also plenty of free activities such as visiting temples and walking around. 

7. Iceland 

Iceland may not be that cheap but as the Icelandic Krona has dropped and continues to go down, this may be just the year to see the Northern Lights. Iceland has glaciers, volcanoes and long roads that are just waiting for you to explore them. 

Don’t think about dining out because it’s pricy. Renting a campervan could solve your accommodation and transport needs. If not, rent a car to get around (go with a group of friends to slash costs). If your budget allows, try to visit the brilliantly blue ice caves, go on a glacier walk or visit the turquoise Blue Lagoon geothermal baths. 

8. Ecuador 

Ecuador is a paradise for nature lovers with its bits of rainforest, the Andes and the Galapagos Islands. It is also one of the cheapest countries in South America. Street food and basic meals are inexpensive and a hostel dorm will set you back about $4- 8. 

Buses and taxis abound so it’s easy to get around. If the Galapagos Islands are on your wishlist, don’t think you have to go on an expensive cruise. There are many activities you can do that are cheap or free. 

9. China 

Asia in general is a great place if you’re traveling on a budget and China in particular. Home to the Great Wall, the famous Terracotta soldiers and megacities, China offers an amazing mix of the old and the new. 

The flavors of its food are as varied as its sights. Once again, street food and hostels are cheap and all the major cities have plenty of transport. Traveling by train is quite comfortable in China. Don’t miss the French Quarter in Shanghai and biking in the karsts of Guilin. 

10. Romania

Kick off your Romanian trip in BraČ™ov with its cobblestone lanes, medieval watchtowers and Baroque churches. A convenient and inexpensive way to see the sights is by taking a double-decker bus tour. You can also use the city as a home base for day trips to places like the brown bear sanctuary or the mythical Bran Castle. 

Final Thoughts On Budget-Friendly Student Travel Destinations

These delightful destinations offer students the opportunity to have experiences of a lifetime without having to spend a fortune. By eating the wonderful, flavorful cheap street foods, staying in budget accommodation such as hostel rooms and using local transport it is possible to get the most value for every dollar. It may be in your best interest to review the world city ranking of wherever you want to visit beforehand to get some extra background information.

Everyone can afford to travel if they’re prepared to economize on some of the luxuries and be more flexible. Budget travel is possible and you shouldn’t be put off traveling by the idea that everywhere you want to go will be too expensive for you to afford.

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