5 Tips to Save Money on Video Marketing Services

tips save money video marketing services

When it comes to running your business, you're smart and in control. You know that over 80% of people online watch videos, which is why you're going to make your own to market your business.

You've got tons of great ideas for content. But do you have the cash to turn that inspiration into reality with professional quality videos?

Want to create amazing video while sticking to a budget that works for your business? Follow these tips for saving money on video marketing services, production, and advertising!

Define Your Video Marketing Goal

Why do you want to create video content? The answer to this question will guide your next steps.

Are you demonstrating a new product? Is there a demographic that you think you'll reach through video?

Having a clear picture of what you want to do helps you create and market videos efficiently. You'll save both money and time.

Create a Video Marketing Budget

Personal budgeting often fails because people fail to set goals or aren't realistic about their spending. Try to be as honest about your vision as possible to avoid spending too much.

Once you have an idea of what you want to do, ask yourself what you need to do it. Do you need multiple locations, a professional script, or any graphics for the video?

Your answers will give you an idea of how much your project will cost.

Get Social With Video Marketing

Using social media is a great video marketing strategy. People are 1200% more likely to share a social media video than just text or pictures.

There are tons of tools out there to help you harness the marketing power of your social media accounts. One of the best tips, though, is to post consistently and always interact with questions and comments about your videos.

DIY or Go Pro?

You might be wrestling with the question of whether or not you should make the video yourself or use a video production company. Both options have their pros and cons.

Here's the rundown on both options:

  • Pros: smart phones make creating videos convenient, you have more creative control, cheaper option
  • Cons: not everyone knows how to make a great video, takes time away from running your business
Going Pro
  • Pros: get a professional-looking product, let someone else do the heavy lifting
  • Cons: can be pricey and constrain your budget further
Working with a video production company can be intimidating. A good one will understand your vision and work within your budget.

Consumer Generated Content

Do you have super fans of your product or service? Sometimes your biggest fans make videos of themselves using your product or service.

Sharing their videos is practically free advertising plus it shows your best customers some love. Make sure to always tag them and credit their videos.

Saving Money on Video Marketing Services

Getting your videos made and effectively marketing them doesn't have to drain your wallet. With our tips and tricks for saving cash on video marketing services, you'll be able to re-invest your money into your business.

Looking for other ways to save or spend your company's cash with video production and vid advertising? Read up on how to manage your money right now so you have a bigger business budget for more videos!

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