What Are The Salient Features Of SQL And Why You Must Use It

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Programming SQL is software that is used worldwide by those who use database. SQL is used to manage data from the database. SQL is necessary nowadays as it has many advantages. For those who want to manage data from the database, SQL supports it. The full form of SQL is structured query language. Now with SQL heavy workload too can be tackled, it helps break down big data into smaller data so it can be accessible to everyone. 

To manage data in the relational database management system the SQL or (structured query language) is used, it is also a domain specific language is one which is used in programming. The structured query language is also a language used for querying and editing information. SQL origin can be traced back to the 1970s when the database was formed. At first SQL was known by the name sequel but eventually, it was called SQL. 

Features Of SQL 

High Performance 

For heavy load work and high usage, database SQL provides with very good performance which is high and which can carry out heavy workload with great ease, therefore for high performance this is the app you should choose. 


SQL is compatible with almost every database making it a great choice if you’re looking for a compatible tool. This app is compatible with databases like Microsoft SQL Server, SAP HANA, MS Access, MySQL, and many others. Because of its compatibility, it is chosen over another app. Although this app is still expensive but it makes the whole procedure of collecting data and the usage of database easy for anyone. So you can use it without worrying about the cost. It will prove to be a good investment for the future when you have to handle big data. 

Flexibility And Scalability 

SQL provides easy access to creating tables and deleting these tables on the database. This is another reason why you must use it. The whole procedure of making tables and deleting these table is accessible in the SQL it is as for anyone to create a table and use it. 

Easy Transaction 

SQL provides programming that is easy to handle huge records and also manage other transactions.SQL comes with the easy transaction, and thus, it is easy to handle huge record. 


Another feature of SQL is that it provides high security. When a new user login, he or she need permission on the tables, views, and procedures, thus giving you maximum security.If you're looking for security, this is the app to use. 

Can Be Used By Anyone 

SQL can be used in both the large organization and the small ones. To have access to database SQL is used by programmers. You can refer to RemoteDBA.com if you need to know how to go about it. 

The Advantages Of SQL 


One of the best features of programming SQL is speed. It has an unbeatable speed. To retrieve the data from the database speed is essential, especially when you are in an important meeting or you need to download the data. Therefore the speed of SQL is unbeatable. 

Well Defined Standard 

SQL does not have problems with standardization. The standard, i.e., ISI and ANSI approve the SQL. Other applications fail to approve the standardization; hence, most of the time, SQL is used. 

Code Free 

This application is code free, and hence, it is hassle-free. Most of the time all the application comes with a code, and it is very difficult to memorize the codes, and it creates such a problem to the user, but SQL is easy for use for it is code free, and SQL can be used anywhere it is extremely portable. 


SQL is very portable; it can be used for laptops, PCs, mobiles, and other application. Therefore it makes it ideal for anyone. Other application is not portable and can’t be used in mobiles and laptop. Hence if you’re looking forward to the portable app, this SQL is for you. 

Inactive Language 

This kind of language can be used for the database. 

Multiple Users 

SQL support multiple users with the use of SQL language, the different users can view the different database and database structure. 



Although the SQL comes with code free but there is an interface, and this can be complex. Interfacing is complex an SQL fall short here. Although it is code free and it makes it more accessible but since interfacing is complex and thus it has its drawbacks. 


There are hidden business rules the users at a time has less control over the database. This is a big drawback for the programmers. 


The operating cost of some of the SQL can be very expensive; therefore, many users opt not to use it and buy another cheaper version. Another drawback of SQL is that it is still expensive and thus it is not accessible to everyone. 


Therefore we can see that Programming is great for anyone who wants to handles their database. SQL helps a lot of users, and it is hassle-free, especially since its code free, and it helps the user handle their data and have better access to it. The best thing about SQL is that it is portable; this is not with every app. SQL helps the user use this app in their laptops, PCs, and even in their mobile phones. This feature is missing in another app that helps the user to access their data from any applications. 


To conclude, Programming SQL is necessary software which is revolutionary because it helps the user better than any other. Although the pros and cons are there but it has more advantages than disadvantages for you to use. Interfacing is one disadvantage of SQL because although it is code free, yet interfacing is complex. The best thing about the SQL is speed. It is fast in connecting to the database. Therefore if you have a meeting, it is beneficial. SQL has many features that are attractive to the users, and therefore, it’s fair to say that buying this app will help ease the workload in your workplace. SQL has proven to ease the workload.

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