A Complete Office Supplies List for New Businesses

complete office supplies list new business equipment

About 627,000 new businesses start every year. However, only 51% of those will last more than 5 years.

There are several reasons why a business may have to close their doors—bad location, lack of experience, even sudden and unforeseen growth that takes business owners by surprise can be the culprit. When competition is so tight, you don’t want to start off struggling because you don’t have the necessary supplies yet.

So, before you officially open your company, make sure you have everything on your office supplies list.

Don’t know where to start on workplace equipment? Keep reading to discover our complete list of office supplies that every new business needs.


Before you can get any work done, you need a designated place to actually do your work. So, you and all your employees will need desks and chairs.

However, you don’t want to go with the cheapest options here. Ergonomic office products, particularly ergonomic chairs, help your employees remain productive and comfortable all day long. You’ll also want to invest in spacious desks, so your employees don’t feel cramped or cluttered.

Additionally, you may want to invest in a long table for your meeting room and furniture for the break room. If you want to nurture teamwork, consider creating collaboration spaces by putting a circular table and a few chairs in a separate room.

Computers and Phones

Of course, everyone will also need their own computer and phone in order to get any work done. Again, you’ll want to invest in some quality products here. Nothing is worse than computers that constantly freeze up or crash.

Basic Supplies

Although most things are done with the computer, you can’t completely avoid working with hard copies. So, make sure you get all your basic office supplies, including:

  • Pens
  • Pencils
  • Highlighters
  • Sticky notes
  • Stapler and staples
  • Paper
  • Paperclips
  • Envelopes

You may also want to get extra of these and keep them stored in a supply closet. This way, you won’t have to worry about running out to the store mid-day just because you took the last pen.

Desk Organizers

A messy desk leads to lower productivity. Not only does it take longer to find things, but being around clutter and messes actually causes stress which can lead to lower levels of productivity.

Generally, each desk should have a drawer organizer to keep all their office supplies in the right place as well as a desktop organizer for folders and paperwork. You can even get an extra basket for assignments that still need to get done instead of having papers sprawled all over your desk.

Filing Cabinet

Of course, all those papers shouldn’t stay on your desk forever. If you have any documents that you need to save, you’ll need a filing cabinet. Hanging filing folders are a great way to help you organize your paperwork by client or topic, so you can easily find what you’re looking for every time.

Paper Shredder

Are you planning to throw all unnecessary documents in the trash? If any of them contain sensitive information, this can pose a huge security risk for your business and for your clients. Instead, you’ll want to purchase a paper shredder to ensure nobody gets their hands on private information.

Coffee Maker

Do you need your morning cup of coffee in order to function? Or maybe you need that little pick me up after lunch when you start to feel hazy.

This is why every office needs a coffee maker. Plus, your employees will enjoy their workplace a little more when they have access to free coffee.

Printer and Fax Machine

You’d be surprised how many things you end up printing on a daily basis. While you may think that a home printer will be sufficient to start off with, you should consider investing in a durable business printer instead.

You can also save money and space by getting a printer that also functions as a fax machine. Many companies still fax documents, and getting a combo machine ensures you are able to do this without purchasing a separate product.

First-Aid Kit

People can still get hurt, even in the safest office. Maybe they accidentally burned themselves on the toaster oven or cut themselves while using scissors.

You want to ensure that you can take care of your employees if something like this happens. You can buy a first-aid kit or make one yourself. If you choose to go DIY, make sure it has the following supplies:

  • Band-Aids
  • Antiseptic cream
  • Roller bandage
  • Gauze Pads
  • Medical tape
  • Latex gloves

Although you may think you’ll never need it, having a first-aid kit in the office shows your employees that you’re prepared and saves time because you won’t have to run out to the store for a Band-Aid if someone does get hurt. Plus, it’s small and affordable!


Decor may not seem like an important investment for new businesses, but you want your office to appear warm and welcoming. Even just a few personal touches can inspire creativity and make your employees feel happier to be there.

And this doesn’t have to be expensive, either. Consider placing a few live plants around the office and hang a framed picture on the wall. Your employees can further help the office come to life by decorating their desks and cubicles or offices.

Ultimate Office Supplies List

Don’t start your business before your office is stocked with the necessary supplies. Just follow our office supplies list above to help you get started. From furniture to decor, there are a lot of elements you need before getting to work.

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