5 Methods To Boost Your Brand Recognition

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The rule of seven is a marketing principle according to which, in order to become a paying customer, a member of your target audience needs to encounter your brand at least seven times. However, does any kind of encounter count, even if they aren’t fully aware that it’s your brand they’re interacting with? After all, it’s entirely possible for one to enjoy your services or use your products while still being partially oblivious of the existence of your brand. In order to avoid these dilemmas, here are five proven methods to boost your brand recognition, thus ensuring that your business gets its fair share of the spotlight. 

1. Write A Memorable Story 

The simplest way to humanize and personalize your business, as well as to explain what it is that separates it from its closest competitors is to write a memorable story about your origins. Stating where you started and where you’re heading (what your goals, your mission and your values are) are the basics of corporate storytelling. One more thing you have to keep in mind is the fact that the protagonist of the story makes all the difference when it comes to whether it’ll hit the mark. Namely, it’s not you and not your business – it’s the client. The easier you make the immersion, the more effective the end result will be. 

2. Provide Value (And Brag About It) 

Making your business product- or, better yet, customer-centric is always a great idea. After all, everyone wants to know what you can do for them, which is why by providing some value, you’ll immediately grab their attention. Therefore, start talking about benefits and advantages, earn some testimonials or even start handing out some of your products for free. As for the more frugal approach, blogging is always a reliable way of providing value and attract some attention your way. 

3. Branding Your Product Packages 

In the introduction, we mentioned the scenario where a client encounters (even uses) your product without acknowledging your brand. In order to avoid this nightmare scenario, what you need to do is start branding your product packages. This method shouldn’t be outside of your reach, even if you’re a home-based arts and crafts or artisan business. After all, you can always look for promotional printing services, thus personalizing and branding all your products at the same time. Either way, it’s a smart move from a product-placement perspective. 

4. Attend Industry Events 

By attending industry events, you’ll make it easier for your audience to see your industry presence for what it really is. In fact, by displaying your products on a stand, dressing your staff in the colors of your enterprise and uniforms, hanging up signs and banners everywhere, you’ll have an easy job of gaining credibility. A lot of modern businesses are underestimating the importance of quality face-to-face encounters with their customers. However, this way, they’ll have a much easier job giving their business a face to stand behind, due to the fact that brand encounters and personal encounters become one and the same. 

5. Work On Your SEO 

The simplest way to boost your brand recognition is to make it easy for others to find your business, even if they’re not looking for you. While DIY SEO is definitely a thing nowadays, this is still a task best entrusted to professionals. Therefore, hire someone to do an SEO audit of your website, proceed with some on-site optimization and wrap things up with a well-organized link building campaign. Keep in mind that the efficiency of this campaign is bound to give immediate results, which means that it’ll be quite easy to measure the ROI. 

Boost Your Branding 

The last thing worth bearing in mind is the fact that brand recognition isn’t really an end goal. Through it, you reach higher brand awareness, more return customers, stronger brand presence and several other perks. Therefore, instead of focusing on brand recognition alone, you need to consider these desired-side effects and work as much as you can towards realizing them. This way, you’ll set your brand on the path towards growth.

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