Best Practices for Setting up Your Crunchbase Profile

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Do you want investors to come to you? Are you looking for easy-to-access industry trends? If so, Crunchbase may be the resource your company is missing. 

Crunchbase is an online business-listing platform that connects companies with investors, employees, collaborators, and many others. Using this platform, you can find company profiles, research industry trends, gather information on promising startups, and network with companies that align with your goals. Crunchbase is the platform you need to push your business to the next level— but, first, you need a profile that will leave a stellar impression. 

The amount of time you put into building your Crunchbase profile will determine the benefits you receive from your efforts. We have gathered our top five best practices to assist you in making your Crunchbase profile the best it can be. But before we dive into the details, take a look at this professional profile to see these tips in action. 

Complete The Entire Profile 

You are a busy professional juggling many moving parts, but thoroughly completing your profile is crucial. Some businesses rush through the process, draft a flimsy profile, and, in so doing, hurt their business. 

Your Crunchbase profile is used to show prospective collaborators, investors, and employees your products, skills, or services. Create it with care. 

Highly successful Crunchbase profiles maximize the following sections: 


The overview is a crucial aspect of your Crunchbase profile. It’s important to keep your overview short and to-the-point. Consider the following tips to write an effective overview. 

● Hook your readers with a striking first line. 
● List your nearest major city to reach local prospects. 
● Use the third person: Use your company’s name instead of saying “our company.” This will add professionalism to your profile. 
● Write clearly: A clearly written overview states what your company does, which industries you cater to, and it highlights the ways you can benefit future contributors. 
● Link to social media platforms: Add links to your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Publicity is crucial, so tell your prospects where they can find you. 

Company Details 

After the overview, thoroughly complete the company details section. This segment allows you to discuss more on your company’s mission, your brand, and your services. 

● Add the date your company was founded. 
● List your number of employees. 
● Use descriptive words for SEO purposes. 

Maintain Your Brand 

Companies such as Facebook, Amazon, and Nike have spent years building their brand recognition. Their logos are immediately recalled when reading their company’s names. 

To merge your business' logo with your company, be consistent when creating your profile. 

● Display your logo and signature color scheme. 
● Follow the theme of your social media platforms. 

This consistency will increase your credibility and differentiate you from your competitors. 

Professionalism, Professionalism, Professionalism 

There are many platforms to show your humorous, informal side—Crunchbase is not one of them. Strive for the utmost professionalism as various people, including employees, investors, competitors, and journalists, may view your profile. 

● Upload a professional headshot. 
● Use a branded email address (@yourcompanyname, not 
● Check spelling and grammar. 
● Avoid contractions. 

Use Original, High Value Content 

There are so many places to market yourself these days, that it can seem like you will get a better return on your time by simply copying and pasting the same information into all of your social media profiles,including Crunchbase. But this is not true. You’ll want to include the same key points and links in all of your profiles, but it is important to change the wording and remember who your audience is on each platform. This helps not only from an SEO standpoint, but it ensures that the people who are viewing your Crunchbase profile are getting information consistent with what the platform provides. 

Keep Your Profile Up-To-Date 

Your Crunchbase profile may include a variety of information, including the size of your company, funding rounds, acquisitions, and management. Updating frequently shows you are organized, serious about your businesses’ future, and that you are discovering ways to provide more benefits for your clients. 

You can add noteworthy news and products, and update your advisors, board members, customers, and much more. 


Crunchbase’s basic plan is free and offers a mind-blogging set of tools to boost your business. Keep these tips in mind as you complete your Crunchbase profile and get ready to see positive change in your business.

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