WIX Hosting Review

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Wix is the newest and probably the most advertised website building platforms out there. Sure, you have other companies that have been around for a while, such as SquareSpace, Shopify, and more, but none that offer the complete flexibility that you can achieve with a Wix plan. If you wish to have a free plan, you can actually get a good feel on their editor, how to make your website, pick your site templates (they have hundreds more than other competitors to choose from). 

Then on top of that, you can literally choose to purchase a plan for a great low price to remove ads and give you even more features. If you aren’t satisfied, you can get a full refund and cancel your premium paid membership. There are some things to consider though, and we are going to go over them. 

Things To Consider About Premium Cancellation 

- If you wish to cancel your premium Wix account, you will only be able to within the first 14 days of bumping your account from free to premium. 

- Upgrading your account to another premium account won’t get you a refund, unless you wish to cancel all premium features within the first 14 days of purchasing your initial premium plan. 

- The cancellation and trial period does not pertain to domains, e-mails, shoutout plans, and even their app market purchases. Those items aren’t refundable at any time. 

What’s worse, it takes up to 20 days to get your refund on your bank statement, but your premium account is cancelled immediately and you can’t do anything that you could with the premium features. But don’t let this fool you, Wix is still a very dominant powerhouse builder that can literally have your website up and running almost immediately. 

The Most Common Problem With Wix’s Free Account 

The main thing you have to consider that you can’t do with your Wix account is that you don’t get a domain for free and that your page will display ads (this supports being able to keep them changed) when you have a free account, and the lowest price premium plan (connecting a domain). But you can generally do it for a relatively low price. However, you can try Wix for free without putting in a credit card which is pretty cool. 

Conclusion: Are There Better Alternatives? 

When it comes to creating a website, what is important is that you have other alternatives that offer you more flexibility and options out there. If you are used to WordPress, Wix can be a little bit of a challenge with their interface, as they’re more targeted towards people who have no experience with web design at all. You can create stunning professional websites, but in order to get the most out of it, you’re not going to want the alternative. 

That is why sites like A2Hosting have more options and provide hosting for the same prices as other editors like Wix so you can create your own website in minutes, even without having website programming knowledge. There are numerous tutorials out there that can show you how, including plenty that show you how to make a website from scratch in 10 minutes.

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