Top 4 Methods To Get More Customers

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In this day and age many of us have businesses online with customers shifting to digital consumption. What does this mean for modern business owners? Well, as times change the methods of getting more customers and visitors to your business will have to change too. In the past word of mouth was the main way of acquiring more customers, but if you want to appeal to people outside of your hometown then this won't be a very effective method. We need to be thinking on our feet, we need to be constantly finding what works for customer acquisition. Also remember that what works for one company may not work for another, so bear that in mind. 

Here in the article below, you can read through each section of the four top methods for customer outreach and you will be able to match what will work and be a perfect fit to your company. 

You might think that you don't need advertising, or any of these methods. I'm sorry to burst your bubble but that's highly unlikely, unless you have something absolutely extraordinary that no one has ever seen before. Which again, is highly unlikely in a congested and competitive business world. 

So, I won't waste your time anymore with more boring intro filler and fluff, let's get into customer acquisition strategies. Here are the top 4 methods to get more customers in business. 

4 Masterful Methods To Create More Customers 

1. SEO Backlink Services 

So what is SEO exactly? It stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’. If you still don't get it, that's alright. It could be new terminology for you and sound intimidating. I'll put it nice and simple for you. It's about generating organic website traffic for your business by ranking for top keywords on Google or other search engines. 

For example - You want to buy a new car, so you get onto your laptop and have a little Google search. ‘Cars for sale in Washington, DC’ now the website that comes up on the first page is most of the time the best and most trusted. Now listen, every car dealership wants that top spot. Why? Well they will look like the most trusted and the best dealership in the area. And what does this do? Well it brings in more customers 

So how can you use this to build your business, it's not hard at all. Find yourself an affordable link building service, link building services are generally a great way to increase leads and exposure to your business, product or service. A backlink building service is what a lot of online business and in store businesses will use to generate customers and become a more trusted and well know company. 

So you have many options, when you initially contact the company they will give you options on how you'd like to increase exposure to your company, business or product. They have little minions working for them who will advertise and push your product to others around the world. They are obviously not real minions but I like to say it as a joke. These SEO assistants will publish blog posts with your desired link put into a certain keyword that you want them to use, there are also many other methods but this is the most popular so we won't get into the others. 

2. Affiliate Marketing 

You've probably heard of it before somewhere, but you maybe don't exactly know what it really means. That is alright, because it's what I am here for, I will explain it like in the SEO section, just as simple as possible with a nice clean example. 

Here's the explanation. You pretty much pay people who advertise your product or business on social media. Social media is a super powerful tool that every business should try and optimise to their best ability. But who's got time for that, why not pay a small fee to a random influencer every time they direct someone to your product, service or business. 

How it works is, each influencer will be given a specific link with their own tracking ID. Every time someone uses their link to purchase a product or service, they will receive a small commission. I don't think I need to give an example, it's not that complicated. If you’re still confused about this topic, then take a look on YouTube. There is plenty of great reliable content about this topic, just don't buy any guru courses and you will be fine. 

3. Traditional Marketing Methods 

There are many old-school standard methods of traditional marketing and advertising including direct mailers, in-person networking events, signage, bus stop banners, billboards, magazines and newspapers. Not just these, you've got so many options in the area. This is considered still a good way to generate leads and bring more attention to your product, business or service that you offer. I don't need to give you an example, you have this advertising all around you at all times. If you want to keep it simple this is a great route, no need to find influencers or a good SEO service. All you gotta do is find a local advertising company, show them what you want and how you want it all to look and they'll do the rest for you. That is if you pay them on time. 

One thing I would recommend is for you to find a good graphic designer to create an eye-catching billboard. And also don't throw all your money into it straight away, you may not need to. Word of mouth does spread fast like wildfire, so hold your horses 

4. Social Media Marketing

So just like the previous section but using social media, but if you're gonna do this alone make sure you’re handy with social media. If you are not experienced with it or have not much idea how to use it, I'm going to tell you once and I'll tell you now. It will probably look really awful, trust me, I've seen ads done on Facebook by people who are clearly just winging it. 

As soon as I see one of these ads it makes me sigh, it's just so frustrating thinking they could get so much more exposure with a little bit of hello from an experienced person on board. So my advice here is as follows: if you don't know what you’re doing, don't mess with it. Hire someone who has previous experience, it's very easy to outsource this kind of work at a very low price. Depending how well you want the job done, just like anything. The more money you put into it the better it usually is, as long as you know what you are doing. 

Closing Thoughts On Creating More Customers 

So there you have it business owners and marketers. Keep these top methods in mind when marketing your company and acquiring more customers. These strategies pay off fast!

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