Tiny Homes And Their Big Impact On The Real Estate Market — 5 Reasons They Are Here To Stay

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While it’s unlikely that everyone in America will one day start living in tiny homes, there is no denying that tiny homes are here to stay. Tiny houses are dwellings typically smaller than 700 sq. feet. The movement for tiny living was initially fueled by the recession when people were forced to consider cheaper real estate options. 

Now that the recession is gone, tiny homes are still alive and well. In fact, the preference for tiny houses in the real estate market is on the rise all thanks to documentaries and reality shows that showcase the practicality and perks of living small. The following are 5 reasons why the demand for tiny homes is going to increase in the future. 

Luxurious Tiny Homes Includes All the Everyday Comforts of Regular Homes (and More) 

Tiny homes have evolved to provide a space that offers everything that you need while eliminating everything that you don’t. If you live in a regular sized home, then there is a good chance you have your favorite room. This is where you spend most of your time either working or relaxing. Now imagine staying in a home that includes all the comforts of your favorite room plus storage areas, a bathroom, a dining space, and a fully functioning kitchen. Would you really miss the extra rooms that you never utilized in the first place? 

The market for luxurious tiny homes is on the rise as customers are willing to pay more to ensure they don’t have to compromise on comfort. Custom tiny home manufacturers such as Tiny Heirloom are happy to oblige. They cleverly design spaces that have room for full-sized fridge, enough storage spaces, efficient cooling and heating solutions. Most tiny homes also have a full-size bed for a family of two. Some even have extra sleeping areas for guests and small outdoor living spaces. 

They Are Always Going To Be Cheaper Than Regular Houses 

Considering the limited land required to install a tiny home as well as the competitive prefab market, tiny homes are always going to be cheaper than regular homes. Just like any affordable alternatives to expensive products, there is always going to be a demand for tiny homes. 

Offers A Practical Way For Homeowners To Get Out Of Debt 

For people who are struggling with their mortgage, tiny homes can offer a quick solution to get out of debt. A lot of homeowners are selling their regular homes and squaring off their bank loans. They are using the extra cash to build or order tiny homes in a much smaller property. 

A Greater Number Of People Are Choosing Environmentally Friendly Solutions 

There is no denying that people are becoming conscious of their impact on the environment. Part of the solution is to consume less and utilize everything to their maximum potential. This means many families who have the financial capacity to live in large homes are choosing tiny living because they want to reduce their overall carbon footprint

- Tiny homes require less energy for heating and cooling 

- Occupies less area, causing minimal impact on the surrounding vegetation 

- The construction process demands less energy 

Prefab Tiny Homes Drastically Reduce Construction Time And Cost 

Tiny homes often take weeks to construct as most of them are prefabricated. The faster construction timeline allows families to save money that would otherwise be spent on living in a rented temporary home. This also means families can now start enjoying their investments much faster, which acts as an added incentive for going tiny.

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