Cheap Home Renovations that Don't Skimp on Quality

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Renters and homeowners who intend to remodel their homes do so for many reasons. Whatever those reasons are, many agree on one thing: the idea that they need to spend a small fortune to upgrade or renovate their home.

According to Statista, the average home remodeling projects cost almost $6,700. However, just because it's expensive doesn't mean there aren't cheaper ways to upgrade the home so it looks elegant and contemporary.

If you don't have an extra $6,700+, don't fret. You can still upgrade the home with a relatively smaller budget. And if you're a DIYer, we're pretty sure you'll save even more money.

There are cheap home renovations that'll give your home an amazing facelift without breaking the bank. You can carry out your home renovation ideas on a budget if you know how and what to do.
In this article, we'll be looking at some proven tips that'll help make your home pop and transform it into something magazine worthy.

Upgrade Your Kitchen

By upgrade, we don't mean change the kitchen's granite countertop. It's great if you can afford it. But seeing as the average countertop project costs at least $3k, you need to look for alternatives that work just as well.

Focus on your kitchen cabinets, their handles, and doors. You can repaint, reface or completely replace the cabinets, depending on their state. These give your kitchen cabinets a new, refreshed look.

Create an impression of more open space by having glass cabinets or shelves for cups, plates, and pots. Replace the countertop by adding an extra layer of Formica, some tiles or veneer.

Also, change the kitchen lighting to something more contemporary. You could also paint kitchen appliances with stainless steel paints. These are available at your local Home Depot.

Kitchen improvement and upgrades always attract 20-50k extra if you want to sell. So, make sure this is good.

Update Your Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom remodeling is the most popular home improvement activity. And these projects are being carried out in large and small scales.

Renovating the whole bathroom can be quite pricey, which is why you should think of just upgrading your bathroom tiles. This is one of the cheap home renovations you can do without spending too much.

And it makes a huge difference in your bathroom's appearance. Using contemporary bath tiles can make your bathrooms look roomier and nice.

And if you have some extra cash, change the toilets to modern ones too. For instance, toilet seats come in different sizes so researching on ones that will upgrade the look of your toilet will definitely go a long way. A new toilet does wonders for your bathroom's looks.

Transform Your Walls

One of the easiest ways to do this is by adding some picture frames on a wall. While it may not add to the property value, having all pictures decoratively placed on one wall can look great.

This essentially transforms it into a gallery wall. You can also carry out some wainscoting on strategic walls. This can be a relatively inexpensive way to touch up the walls. There is a ton more information on creative ways to do this online.

Paint the Walls or Install New Wallpapers

Nothing does wonders for the value of your home like some good old painting. It can transform your home, particularly when you switch up the paints and use a different color for your home.

And if painting the house or apartment is too expensive or tedious, just use wallpapers. These work great as cheap home renovations and can make your house or apartment pop.  

Repaint Your Entry Ways

If you cannot afford the above, simply paint your main doors and entryways. These only require a few paint buckets, and you can do it yourself. And you can literally paint them any color you want.

If you want the house's color to pop, paint the door red, white or black. These colors are attractive on doors and make your house appear really gorgeous.

Add Some Curbside Appeal

This can include landscaping, maintaining your lawn, asphalt sealing and trimming your hedges. You can also set up flower beds to give the impression of driving through an opulent driveway.

You should also upgrade your mailbox's looks with modern or vintage designs. Just change it from the regular wood to something more elegant. You can remove the wood and set up a concrete mailbox with wall cladding. Or just use new wood and paint the mailbox.

Powerwash Your Roofs and Windows

Roofs are almost always ignored in many home renovation projects. If your roof is dated and you don't have the money to change them, just have them power washed.

Power washed roofs always look great upon approaching the house and can make your home look like new. This is even more effective if you've just painted the property.

Install New Windows

This is a bit pricey but is an amazingly simple way to upgrade your home's looks. If you have dated windows or single pane windows, you might want to consider changing them to newer windows.

An in-demand window design these days is the big bay windows that provide increased lighting and makes the house look bigger.

Then, change your panes to double or triple panes. This single act can tremendously increase your home's energy efficiency. This is something new buyers look for when they're in the market for new properties.

Clean Your Siding

Most people ignore their home's siding during their renovations. Yet, simply cleaning them will make the house look a bit newer. In fact, you should commit to cleaning them every 2-3 years. And if you can afford it, just have them repainted, after scraping off all peeling parts.

Give the Floors a Good Old Shine

Or you can just get rid of the scuff, repaint or revarnish it so it looks new. This is a cheaper alternative to replacing the whole floor. Works great particularly when there are no structural damages to the floor, and all you need is a cosmetic upgrade. 

Can You Implement Other Cheap Home Renovations?

Of course, there are many lovely cheap home renovations you can do on a budget. For instance, you can use paneled doors to add some character to rooms.

Or, add some floating shelves to the kitchen to create even more space. If you need more ideas on affordable ways to upgrade your home to attract higher prices, go read more house renovation and home improvement property articles in the Real Estate section of our site!

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