7 Ways To Keep Yourself Healthy When You're Working A Crazy Schedule

Staying healthy is and always should be your priority, but your busy lifestyle is making things much harder on you than they should be. Although it sometimes seems too much work, don’t allow yourself to neglect your wellbeing. Instead, adjust your healthy habits to fit your insanely busy schedule and keep your body in its best condition. Here are some tips for managing all of this while being busy. 

Get Enough Sleep 

It can’t be stressed enough how important sleep is. When you’re tired, it’s more difficult to focus, your memory can be weakened and your mood bad, which can slow you down if you’re trying to increase your company’s productivity. In order to stay in good health and to have enough will and energy to work, you need to get your 7-9 hours of sleep a day. Make sure you sleep uninterruptedly and restfully, that the room you sleep in is dark, quiet and not too hot, and that your bed and pillow are comfortable. Avoid eating too much sugary foods before bed and try not to look at any screens for an hour or two before sleep. 

Don’t Skip Your Meals 

If you want your metabolism to be at its finest, you can’t allow yourself to skip meals. Also, those meals should be nutritious, without an excess in calories. If you have time to cook during the weekend, prepare meals for several days ahead and store them in your fridge or even freezer for later. When you’re in a rush, rely on smoothies made with fresh fruit and veggies, some yogurt or skimmed milk and perhaps some oats. If all of that’s very inconvenient, there are restaurants you can order healthy food from, so make the best of them. 

Take Your Vitamins 

Fresh fruit and vegetables are an essential part of any healthy diet, since they provide you with most of the vitamins and minerals your body needs. It’s similar with fish and the omega-3 fatty acids it gives you, or the complete protein from lean meat. However, if you don’t receive enough useful nutrients from your food, you should consider taking supplements. Most people are deficient in vitamin D, since office time doesn’t allow them to spend enough time in the sun. Also, what we eat often doesn’t contain sufficient amounts of magnesium, so find the best magnesium supplement for yourself to keep your mood in order and your muscles and your heart functioning well. RnA ReSet mentions that using natural supplements as opposed to relying on doctors and medications allows you to become the hero of your own health journey. Supplements can help you improve your health in a way that actually works, naturally.

Plan Your Snacks 

You know exactly how much time it will pass between your breakfast and lunch. If you get hungry between these two meals and you’re unprepared, two things can happen. You’ll either reach for the first thing you can find, which is usually some candy bar or a bag of chips from the vending machine, or you’ll wait it out and eat more than you should at lunch. So, pack some nuts, a boiled egg or a piece or two of fruit and take them to work with you. A healthy snack will keep your metabolism running smoothly and will allow you to stay concentrated and calm at work. 

Work Out 

If you can’t fit regular gym time into your schedule, try to be flexible about it. Go in the morning, before work when you can, or visit the gym on your way from work on other days. If going to the gym is complicated in any case, try working out at home, in front of your TV or computer, since there are some great videos online you can use to guide you. You don’t even have to exercise for an hour or longer to burn off stress in a healthy way. About 20 minutes or half an hour will suffice if you can’t spare any more time than that. 

Squeeze In Physical Activity Wherever You Can 

This means that, if you’re making a phone call, it’s much better to walk around the office than sit down. Also, if you can walk at least a part of your route from home to work, that would be great. Use the stairs instead of the elevator and if you don’t live too far from your office, consider riding your bike to work instead of taking the bus or your car. Whenever you can take a five-minute break, use it to stretch for at least a minute or two. Every little bit of activity counts, so do your best to be active in every situation. 

Love Your Water 

Hydration is essential for good function of your entire body, including your internal organs and, most importantly, your brain. Plus, water will postpone hunger and help you battle fatigue. So, make sure you drink about eight glasses of filtered water every day, and that you stay away from sodas and other sugary drinks, since they are unhealthy and will only make you thirstier. 

Similarly, don’t drink too much coffee and avoid alcohol. Cheap sugar free energy drink powder is healthier and more frugal and works just as well with less of a crash. If drinking plain water is boring, infuse it with some lemon, lime, berries or mint leaves for a subtle, yet refreshing aroma, or make some tea and drink it hot or iced, but without sugar. 

Stay Healthy Even When Working Crazy Hours

No matter how busy you are and how fast you live your life, finding a way to stay healthy is something you should be serious and persistent about. It doesn’t even have to consume too much of your time, so just stay organized and you can avoid career burnout and prevent becoming a workaholic. Remember that an investment in your health is also an investment in your wealth!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about ways to keep yourself healthy when you're working a crazy schedule to avoid burnout.

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