Is Launching A Trade Show Worth It?

Organising exhibition kiosks well and making your exhibition space really stand out and attract attendees can go a long way towards creating a memorable yet professional experience. You should be prepared to consider exhibition carpet, stands, banners, and more if you want to make the most of an exhibition. 

Why is this so important? Trade shows can be an excellent opportunity to promote a product or service, make new business connections, and stimulate brand awareness. They can also be quite expensive and burdensome on especially smaller businesses. 

Here are some things worth considering before launching a trade show. 

What Goes On At Trade Shows? 

Whatever niche a business is in, there’s surely a trade show out there that someone wants to attend. These can vary in size from attracting a few hundred for very specific industries to tens of thousands for more popular categories. For example, electronics trade shows held in China tend to attract huge companies, who often take advantage by showcasing prototype gadgets and products that are yet to hit the market. 

World of Concrete is another event held yearly in Las Vegas attracting suppliers and contractors from around the world. It’s one of many trade shows where anyone involved in this niche can meet new business partners, promote sales, develop expertise, stay up to date with concrete building methods, and attend seminars and courses. 

Fees And Expenditures 

Not only do trade shows tend to have fees scaling from a few hundred dollars to sometimes thousands, but businesses will need to ensure that their employees attending the event have proper accommodations, transport, and perhaps a per diem whilst away on business. All of this will cost them time and money. Do they see a return on this investment? Put yourself in the perspective of a prospective attendee. 

If the location is poorly chosen and attendees will have to travel in from afar, this is going to strongly affect their choice whether or not to attend. Locally-organised events can be much more affordable, especially if many of the bigger expenses can be eliminated. 

Also, consider the time investment of attendees. Time spent away from the office means less productivity. Having well-structured and organised timetables and schedules for attendees means that they can maximise their use of time and therefore may attract more attendees. 

Don’t neglect their costs on marketing materials and setting up of the exhibition space. Businesses that wish to showcase the very best of what they do should have the very best of professional and attractive displays and banners. All of the materials down to the carpets themselves will cost money and having poor quality exhibits will not engage visitors. 

Return On Investment 

Although many metrics can be measured such as increased leads and sales conversion, you should always consider that a large part of the ROI for the attendee is going to be intangible and is therefore harder to measure directly. Employees can develop their human capital and become greater assets to their business, for example. 

There’s no doubt that attending a trade show can be a great opportunity to meet others in your industry. Speak with as many attendees as you can and showcase your business with pride. Ensure that each kiosk or exhibition space is well-marketed. Any expenditures that you make here on marketing and eye-catching display booths can pay off in dividends if it’s attracting clients and stirring conversation. 

Don’t neglect the fact that the host of the exhibition is aiming to draw in as many attendees as possible to maximise revenue. This entails paying attention to the quality and professionality of the event. Disorganised and poorly-planned or poorly marketed events can drive away potential attendees and subsequently damage your reputation as an exhibition host. 

Final Considerations On Trade Shows

Launching a trade show is certainly worth it if you are able to draw in attendees and provide them with a memorable and quality experience. Like planning for many other types of big events, preparing your risks and assumptions during your planning phase will be critical to ensure that you’re able to cope with possible hiccups during the event. 

Think of trade shows as an agora. A marketplace for everyone in a particular industry to share and disseminate ideas about products and processes that are ostensibly at the peak of development. The potential for value that this can add to a business is a great way to build momentum and leverage new opportunities.

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