3 Reasons Your Business Should Host A Conference

At a certain point in the life of your business, conferences are not something that you consider hosting - they’re something that you attend. They can be useful too, offering networking and advice-gathering information for a fledgling company. 

After awhile though, conferences can begin to feel much of a muchness. You probably get to the point where you’re not learning much; your business is flourishing and the sudden rush of extra business isn’t necessarily something that is going to help you. 

So why not turn the tables and host a conference instead? 

Are you suddenly pulling away from the screen, horrified at the idea of the cost, the hassle of running such an event? Don’t be - conferences can generate a lot of money, so let us count the 3 top ways you could benefit from such an enterprise… 

#1 - Exposure 

If you’re hosting a conference, then there’s an immediate exposure of your company - front and center, without you having to pay anything for table space the way you would at a conventional conference. If you partner with other companies in a similar industry to you, you’ll also be exposed to networking opportunities that you may find extremely beneficial. 

You might be thinking it would be just as easy to keep attending conferences that have been organized by someone else, but the levels of exposure are very different. When you’re the one running the show, you are front and center, at the very top table, for the entire event. And providing you have properly costed the running of such an event, you’re not paying for the privilege - in fact, you might be being paid for that kind of exposure. 

#2 - Conferences Make Money 

Often, quite a lot of money. 

You have companies paying to exhibit and then the attendance fee. Of course, you will have overheads that will eat into your profits - but the same is true of any kind of business dealing. You’ll need to pay for venue hire, conference room management software to ensure everything and everyone runs smoothly, as well as food and catering costs. Nevertheless, recoup these outgoings in the price you charge attendees (as is standard practice) and you could turn a healthy profit. 

#3 - New Business Opportunities 

If you want to increase your standing in your local business community, then there are few better ways to do it than by running a conference. This endeavor shows that you are playing in the big leagues; that you can handle a significant event of this size and showcase your business as a success. It might mean that you are exposed to new business opportunities and considered more capable than before - especially important if you primarily work business-to-business. 

Conferences Conclusion

Running a conference in your industry will undoubtedly be a lot of work, but the rewards it could potentially bring to you are potent. If in doubt, contact other companies of a similar size to yours and see if they might be interested in a joint venture - you could both do very well indeed off of it.

I hope you enjoyed this article about the beneficial reasons that you should host a conference to build your brand and community.

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