How to Write Social Media Posts That Market Your Business

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91 percent of businesses are now using social media for their marketing according to recent data by Statista.

Social media is an extremely effective way to market your business, but only if you do it right. Writing social media posts for a business is a different ball game than posting for a personal account.

Having no social media presence or having a negative reputation on social media can have the exact opposite effect.

In this digital age, your business can't afford to not have a strong social media presence, So how exactly do you accomplish this? After all, social media marketing professionals have dedicated their entire career to this trade.

Fortunately, we've done the research for you on how to write social media posts that work well.

Keep reading for some tips on how to create the best social media post on the most popular social media platforms. 

Social Media Marketing Best Practices

The key to creating the best social media posts is to stick to best practices.

There is an art to writing effective social media posts and a best structure to use for each social network. There is less wiggle room when it comes to "how" you write your social media posts.

When it comes to the content of your posts, there is more room to take creative liberty. Following conventional practices for each platform is the best way to ensure your content is well received by users of the site.

When it comes to creating the original content for your posts, or the "what," you can show some personality.

You want to use these platforms to share your message and your brand, or your unique set of ideas that you want to communicate to your target audience. 

1. Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social media network and the best one to share content on.

Facebook is the least restrictive social media platform when it comes to writing posts. You can use a whole host of techniques when writing your posts and appeal to a variety of audiences.

Fortunately, there is no limit to how often you can post so you can try out some different strategies to determine what works best for your business. 

When it comes to post length, Facebook plays by a different set of rules.

How to Post on Facebook

It's generally true that shorter posts are more effective. However, Facebook allows you to create longer posts and achieve results.

You should aim to post between 80-120 words. You should use an image or some type of visual for every post you create.

If your post is just text, adding some type of visual, whether it be a graphic or a photo, will attract more attention and increase engagement. We also suggest using a video.

One of the best parts about using Facebook to market your business is the way it allows users to interact with your content. You can encourage users to interact with your post by sharing or commenting on it.

We don't recommend using too many hashtags on Facebook. While adding one or two or creating your own hashtags can boost engagement, using too many could backfire. 

2. Twitter

It's much harder to create the perfect post on Twitter because of the platform's stringent character limits, but it can be done.

Posts on Twitter are limited to only 140 characters. Sales and marketing content posted on Twitter must be short and sweet.

The platform itself actually posts suggestions on how to make the most of its features. Twitter suggests that you only have room for one topic per tweet and should limit your tweets to 120-130 characters, although now you can use up to 280 characters per tweet.

The extra 10 characters should be left for your twitter handle in the event your post is retweeted by another user.

How to Post on Twitter

So how do you effectively market your business with 130 characters? By externally linking to other sources of information.

Your tweets can include links to articles and blog posts that provide more information about your topic. You can also use services like TinyURL to shorten web links so they use fewer characters in your tweet.

You can include images with your tweets. These are likely to attract attention and be shared or retweeted.

Use Twitter's tagging feature to direct your posts, but don't overdo it.

When it comes to hashtags, they are more popular on Twitter but easily misused. You never want to hashtag every other word.

This is a rookie mistake.

Since you have a limited number of characters to work worth, use hashtags sparingly and wisely by sticking to those that are relevant. 

3. Instagram

Posting the perfect photos on your Instagram account is only half of the equation.

You can still write posts on this platform. The caption below your photo is an opportunity to market your business.

It can set your image apart from your competition with increased social media post engagement.

How to Post on Instagram

So how do you write the perfect photo caption on Instagram? By creating context and issuing a call to action.

Instagram technically has a character limit, but it's pretty high. You shouldn't worry too much about the lengths of your captions.

More importantly is what you write on your Instagram social media posts. You should use this space to describe your photo and give it meaning.

You can also encourage users to comment on or otherwise interact with the photo. Break up your lengthy social media post captions by inserting a line break between points.

Instagram is a place for fun. If you have been waiting for a chance to hit that hashtag key, now is your chance.

You can use up to 30 hashtags for each post. Emojis are encouraged as well and can even be used as hashtags or along with hashtags. 

More Help Creating Social Media Posts

Creating the perfect social media post is not something that will happen without research and practice.

If your business is not yet on social media, now is the time to sign up and take your marketing campaign to new places. If you are struggling with your social media presence or your strategy just needs a boost, consider hiring a marketing professional. 

To learn more about using social media for your business, check out this article. Or you can visit the Social Media and Influencer Marketing sections of the Bootstrap Business Blog right now for additional SMM insight!

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