Importance Of Using A Smart Fridge To Store Your Vaccines

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Vaccination has become an important medical technique in our society. It prevents diseases like polio and tuberculosis and boosts the immunity of children. Vaccination is even used for common ailments like flu and cold. 

It will therefore not make sense to use an ineffective vaccine for immunization. 

Unfortunately, without proper storage, this can happen. 

Vaccines require certain specifications on temperature to remain potent. While some vaccines require a constant temperature of -15C, others need to be stored at a temperature between +2C and +8C. 

Some health professionals store their vaccines in domestic fridges, which might be operating at a different temperature. As a result, the potency and shelf life of the vaccines are reduced. 

This is where vaccine fridges come in. 

Vaccine refrigerators are important equipment for the cold chain and health industry. With them, vaccines can remain at their optimal state during storage and transportation. 

What Are The Vaccine Fridges? 

According to the Australian Government Department of Health, “Vaccines are fragile, biological substances” and should have “a reliable refrigerator capable of maintaining a stable temperature.” 

Specifications have been laid out for the kind of refrigerator needed to store vaccines. A vaccine refrigerator meets all the requirements. 

Vaccine fridges store vaccines at a steady temperature so that they can have a long shelf life without reducing their potency. They are also used to store other medications that are temperature sensitive. 

Smart vaccine fridges are purpose-built and go a step further in ensuring that vaccines remain at an optimal state. 

They maintain the recommended temperature of 2 degrees to 8 degrees at all times. They use insulation, which is thicker and has a higher quality than that of domestic refrigerators. They also have a better temperature recovery rate when the doors have been opened. 

Benefits Of Smart Fridges 

In a domestic fridge, the temperature at the top is different from the temperature below. This is because domestic fridges are built to store varying food items which include vegetables, milk, and other food items. 

A vaccine fridge, however, has an even temperature distribution at the top and lower part of the refrigerator. This keeps all the vaccines at the right temperature. 

Furthermore, vaccine refrigerators have built-in alarms which alert you if the temperature has exceeded the minimum or maximum requirement. 

Smart refrigerators can be connected to your communication devices, local network and alarm systems through a 3G, 4G, or soon to be 5G wireless network. They alert you if the door has been left open, the fridge needs repair, or there has been a power outage. The alert goes directly to your communication device through SMS or email. This enables you to transfer the vaccines and save them if needed. 

They also consume little energy and help reduce excess expenses. 

Finally, data on the fridge temperature is automatically and constantly uploaded to the cloud giving you a seamless recording process of the storage state of the vaccines. 

Smart vaccine fridges are a market leading technology that gives the best shelf life to vaccines and other medications. They ensure that immunization remains effective. So select the best Smart fridges to enjoy the best results.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about the absolute importance of using a smart fridge to store your vaccines for medical patients.

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