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efficiently organize email inbox mobile application

The email was invented about roughly four decades ago. Since then, there have been numerous technological advancements that have led to the development of artificial intelligence and automation. There have been inventions in the messaging sector whereby some have become obsolete with time, but email has withstood the changes. Email services have larges improved courtesy of legacy companies like Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft. Some of the significant improvement in email services include personalization of email accounts, the introduction of spam/junk filters, improved organization, and plenty more. Email is still under transformation. Even as late as 2011, significant innovations are taking place to enhance the efficiency of email services as well as enrich the user experience. 

One of the most notable invention in emailing services is, a web service for organizing your email inbox. This application has completely turned over the world of email and particularly the element of email marketing. This a user-centric web service that enables users to unsubscribe from unwanted emailing lists massively as well as consolidated the email lists they prefer. Less than a decade after its invention, this application is still a game changer in emailing. 

How This Web Service Works 

Focusing on the future of anything related to technology, artificial intelligence and automation are the significant advancements that come to mind. These technological advancements will not only change the roles of human beings in various aspects but also make tasks more comfortable and more efficient. These technologies can transform every business, email being no exception especially the element of email marketing. In the recent past, legacy companies have used email as a universal tool for advertisements. With the growing influence of, email marketing will be more efficient, but this does not mean that the human element in the process will be eliminated. 

Most email users receive hundreds or tens of emails every week out of which only 30% are useful to the user. This means that 70% of the emails received are either spam, marketing emails, or other unsolicited emails. Unsubscribing from these numerous mailing lists manually has continuously become a losing battle. However, with this web service, the subscription and unsubscribing process have become easier and more efficient. The web service enables you to scan the email inbox and presents you with a list of emails perceived to be marketing emails. The user is then presented with three functional buttons, Add roll up, Unsubscribe, and Keep in my inbox. This allows you to unsubscribe from all unwanted mailing lists with a single click. 

The Future And Essence Of The Email 

In a market saturated with email tools, stands out as a unique innovation combing artificial intelligence with automation. Data has become a crucial part of every company and probably the most valuable resource for most companies across the globe. Email happens to be one of the most utilized data relay resources in the business world. Amazon, for instance, has utilized email marketing through automated emails sent to their millions of customers. Regarding B2B and B2C communication, email is the supreme leader in messaging leveraging form its ability to adapt to changing times. 

Based on the past and recent trends, it is a sure thing that there will be more technological advancements on email which will make the user experience easier, more efficient, and user- oriented. Email will continue to face stiff completion from existing messaging applications as well as the emerging ones. However, it is very likely that it will withstand and thrive well having already survived the competition from seamless messaging technology such as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, to highlight just a few.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about how you can efficiently organize your email inbox using the mobile application.

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