6 Factors Affecting The Production And Demand of Journals

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Life events are dear to us, hence, they are worth recording. A tool that offers us the luxury of such recording is a diary that allows you to carve an important event or occasion in your own handcraft as it appeals to you. Life events are important, therefore they deserve the best record keeping tools ever needed, one of which is an embossed leather journal by OPLR. In fact, journals are a part of dressing culture for some people. When you see good-quality and fashionable diaries, you will know that it is a commodity –a produced commodity. The production of journals is hinged on raw materials and getting a suitable design. For a truth, many factors affect the production and demand of journal. Among many, here are six factors: 

1. Raw Materials And Production Process

Naturally, in the production of any goods, raw materials determine the end of a product. The quality of materials such as paper, bonds, leather, etc. used speaks volume on the production. In addition, a compelling production process would yield a profitable result. Consequentially, when quality products are produced and a brand is known for it, the rate of demand will be on a steady increase. 

2. The Price Of Other Commodities: 

The laws of demands and supply for relative market affect the production and the demand of a journal. When similar or related products to a diary or journal are frequently produced and purchased, there is a higher possibility that the demand for quality diaries would drop, which would, in turn, reduce the rate of production. 

3. Trend 

Current trends ongoing in the book and journal manufacturing industry determine the rate at which people demand certain products. For instance, the current trend for journal designs is the embossed leather covers and a pen hook. Many people are rushing the deal now, more than other designs of the same product. When time evolves and a new trend comes up, people go after the newest. Interestingly, the production of journals also follows the trends by its users. 

4. Season 

Season is another great influencer of journal production. Incurring the materials involved in the production of diaries or journals are periodic. They are surplus at some time than others, they are cheaper at some times than others, maintaining quality can also be more tasking in some seasons than the other. Therefore, a manufacturer of diaries would have production difficulty in some seasons than the others. 

5. Exports / Import 

Importing or exporting raw materials and finished goods and their taxation can affect the production and supply/demand chain. Import duty is a factor that can slow down a production rate or increase the price of a product. The same thing happens with exportation, inflation in price is witnessed. 

6. Heavy Excise Duty 

Duties levied on a company that manufactures journal can affect a producer because taxes are demanded before sales are made. Hence, for an uncertain market, it becomes difficult for a manufacturer to maintain his balance of sales, production, and many times, keeping up with customers’ demands.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about the major factors affecting the production and demand of journals.

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