Redesign Your Business Website For Increased Traffic

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Did you know that web design can make or break your user experience? Without a good UX, potential customers could abandon your website before it even fully loads. Having an unattractive web design is one of the first causes of website abandonment. No matter how big your company is or what kind of niche traffic you have, it's imperative that you take a strategic approach to your site. You can use external web design services to ensure that you get a professional website design with responsive and creative features. 

First off, why does your site need a redesign? If your website looks outdated, runs slow, has decreasing conversions, and complaints about the user experience, then you should definitely consider redesigning your website. Here are some tips for how to get started with your business website redesign: 

Website Redesign Planning 

Do you have the resources to build your site on your own? If not, you should consider website redesign services that include a designer and wireframe for your new website. This is the fastest way to build a custom website and user experience that can guarantee you conversions. 

In addition, you should research and compare your competitor websites. What do their sites look like? Are there features that you like? What conversion funnels and strategies are your competitors that could work for you? What doesn't their site do that customers would like? Now you can take what you learn to build a better, faster website that has more features. 

Define A Sales Funnel 

How do you want customers to find and use your website? How quickly do you want them to make a purchase? You should set up an online funnel through your website that will help you bring in more traffic and revenue. Your funnel may start on another website, such as Facebook, or through display ads such as PPC advertising in Google. Perhaps you have affiliates or a physical store location. In any case, you need to first define where customers will see your brand and how they will follow through to a transaction. 

Define Your Goals And Audiences 

Your target audience isn't always going to be the same, but you need to set goals for your website first. If you add new services and products, then you'll likely spread into new markets. You'll need to create content and messaging on your site that appeals to your target audiences. You should create buyer avatars that define demographics for each audience. You can pick out characteristics to help in your design and messaging. 

What's Working On The Current Website? 

You don't want to leave out anything on your website that is currently bringing in traffic and sales. However, you should think about making improvements. For example, if you have certain products that sell over others, perhaps the new design could feature "most popular products" in a sidebar or as a link in your new navigation menu. 

Start Out With A Wireframe 

Once you have a design in mind with a conversion funnel, you should create a mockup to visualize your site. With a designer, you'll be able to place each element on the page exactly where you want. There are many websites using grid-style features because it provides more balance and uniformity for the human eye. You can use a web designer to create these mockups, which will also help your web developer build the site to your specifications.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about how to redesign your business website for increased traffic and improved user experience.

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