Corporate Furnished Apartments: Where to Get Cost Effective Furniture

corporate furnished apartment cost effective furniture

Frequent employee travel is expensive and often inconvenient. No one likes being away from the comforts of home for months on end. Corporate travelers take 480 million trips per year with an average per diem cost of $321.97.

Are you relocating an employee and their family? Or maybe you have workers that make frequent visits to a certain place and stay for several days or weeks at a time? A corporate furnished apartment is a smart choice. Providing a stable, home-like place to stay is good for the bottom line and for productivity.

Acquiring a local apartment or home is a smart idea. Get it furnished with attractive, affordable and durable furniture for best return on investment. Want to learn more?

Location, Location, Location

Business travelers know that hotels are often located far away from their daily commute. A furnished apartment near to the office means less time wasted in getting to work. It also means less time spent trying to get away from work at the end of the day.

A hotel is fine for a few nights, but for extended stays, the cost can grow quickly. Think of the hotel amenities your employee won't use, meals in restaurants and laundry, for example.

Choose your apartment or house based on your employee needs. You want them to feel at home and comfortable. Safety and security are a priority, especially if you have families traveling with your employee.

Getting the Basics

A furnished apartment for employee use should include everything that they need, except for personal items. That means providing appliances, furniture, kitchen equipment, bedding and more. There aren't any rules and regulations for outfitting your corporate housing, but use this list as a start.

  • Major kitchen appliances and perfect combination microwave
  • Laundry facilities
  • Dining table and chairs
  • Living room seating and tables
  • Desk and chair
  • Bed and dresser
  • Overhead, task and occasional lighting
  • Window coverings and shower curtain if necessary
  • Rugs and doormats as needed
  • Wall decor, a clock and a mirror
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Fire extinguisher

Think of it as accommodating your employee outside of a hotel. In addition to these basics, you will need to furnish things like kitchenware, utensils, and glassware. Don't forget linens and bedding too.

Coordinate your whole apartment for a "grown-up" appearance. Pinterest and other websites are a great way to get inexpensive decor ideas.

Furnished Apartment Extras Make a Difference

Some furnished rentals, have only the basics and depend on the employee to bring things to make themselves comfortable. For long term stays, your apartment should provide things like a coffeemaker and toaster.

A hairdryer, ironing board and iron are some of the most requested items. Think about entertainment needs. Not all apartments have or need a sound system, but a wall-mounted television screen or two are welcomed.

Equally wanted, but rarely noticed until needed, trash cans in each room, a plunger, a broom, and a mop. Even if your apartment is serviced by housekeeping staff, these prosaic extras make a big difference in the level of comfort.

Take the time to think about your employee's needs as you stock the apartment. To ensure employee comfort and satisfaction, you may want to look at other steps too.

Where to Find What You Need

Before your first guest in your furnished apartment, you need to select and install your appliances and basic furniture. it can be a costly investment. Even "college dorm" level furnishings can add up. Most furnished apartments for business use have appliances and furniture a level higher than basic.

Start with your appliances. You do not need to select the fanciest stainless steel kitchen suite, but do choose solid, long lasting and easy to clean materials in all white or stainless. Both colors are timeless and easy to match if you find yourself making a replacement.

Many big box stores or warehouse stores have fantastic deals if you are buying a full set. Don't be afraid of looking at overstock, "scratch and dent", or used outlets, though. Often you can find high-quality appliances for low prices if you are willing to overlook some cosmetic flaws.

If you have a local outlet that rents appliances, you may want to consider the cost-benefit of appliances you don't have to repair or replace. When the lease is over, have the appliances replaced with brand new items.

Furniture Sources

A comfortable bed is a must. Similarly, ergonomic task chairs and good lighting are also needed. Beyond that, living and dining furniture need to be comfortable, easy to clean and neutral.

If your employee has children and you need to provide baby gear, look for gender neutral items with a minimum of moving parts. Look for the JPMA certification for products with a proven safety record.

Again, big box stores are your best bet for one stop shopping. However, small local furniture stores may be able to give you extras like delivery, set-up and decor assistance. Again, don't be afraid of overstock or used items.

If purchasing used items, a full professional cleaning is recommended for soft goods. Soft goods like mattresses and rugs can carry bedbugs or worse if not cleaned properly. Purchase new if in doubt.

One of the best resources for upscale furniture at a low price is a furniture store that offers rentals. Brand new goods can be had for a fraction of the purchase price and the items can be replaced with brand new items at the end of the lease. If your city has a hotel surplus outlet, you can find high-end case goods at a fraction of the retail price.

Window Coverings and Linens

Vertical blinds are often the least expensive window covering option. They are popular in many rental properties. However, insulated, lined draperies block light, muffle sound, and can look expensive.

Choose simple hardware to avoid mechanical failure. Panels without any sort of mechanism are perfect for smaller windows. There are several online outlets for custom fabricated draperies.

Bedding, towels, and rugs can be purchased online or at any big box store. Purchase at least two sets of bedding per bed and two sets of towels per person to allow for laundry time. Select hypoallergenic materials such as cotton sheets and fleece blankets.

Wool, down, and feathers can make some people very uncomfortable. There are several very good comforter and duvet sets filled with polyester fibers available.

Electronics and Small Goods

Choose your electronic equipment with care. A mid-range television in a good size for the space makes an apartment look luxurious. There are several rental options but look at stores and overstock outlets for good deals.

Always professionally mount a large screen TV on a wall. It discourages theft and prevents damage. Use unseen locking bolts for safety and security.

Small goods like dishes, utensils, glassware, etc. are inexpensive almost everywhere. You can often find nice quality at a restaurant supply store or full sets at big box stores. Small appliances like an iron, toaster, coffee maker are less than $30 in most stores.

Don't worry about providing things like a waffle iron or espresso maker as part of your furnished apartment. These types of items are rarely used and just add clutter. Concentrate on making your employees and their families comfortable until their own things arrive.

Safety Equipment in Every Furnished Apartment

Most local codes require certain safety equipment in every rental property. Most commonly a combination smoke and carbon monoxide detection unit in every bedroom is needed. Some places also require exit windows, signs or fire extinguishers.

Your employees and their families may appreciate things like bump guards on corners and child locks for cabinets and appliances. Securely fasten tall furniture such as dressers or bookcases to the walls to prevent tipping.

Check your business insurance for coverage. You may be responsible for accidents or damages incurred by the employee.

A Home Away From Home

Travel for employees doesn't have to be inconvenient or expensive for your business. Whether you are relocating an employee and their family or simply housing temporary workers, a furnished apartment makes sense. Productivity suffers when an employee is uncomfortable.

Creating a home away from home for your employees can be as simple as finding a local apartment to rent and furnishing it to suit your employees' temporary needs. You can make it as simple or as luxurious as you desire. 

Frugal Furnishing For An Amazing Apartment

A basic apartment setup can get expensive, but most items are a one-time-only purchase. Renting items can often be less expensive than purchasing and replacing them over time. Alternatively, purchase used and overstock bargains on furniture pieces.

Invest in your employees' travel comfort, safety and security for the best return on investment. For even more helpful tips on making your business run better, keep reading our blog. Click here for more HR tips or visit the Real Estate section of our site for more home improvement and property rental tips.

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