7 Tips For Buying Bedroom Furniture

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Are you a single man who wants to upgrade his bedroom’s look? Or did you move into a new bachelor pad that needs to be furnished? Perhaps you have a family and need to buy bedroom furniture for yourself and your children. No matter your specific situation, there are seven basic rules to follow when buying furniture online, and we will cover them in this article. 

1. Focus On Reliability 

First, always read the reviews before purchasing new bedroom furniture. As one of the leading online furniture websites, you can easily access 1StopBedroom reviews directly on their website. If you are wondering if a nightstand is durable, take a look at the customer reviews. If you want to know if the color of the headboard is true to the picture, check the reviews. Customers who have purchased the item can provide insight that will make the decision-making process easier. 

2. Prepare To Choose 

Second, take measurements of your home space for the frugal furniture. Measure the room width, height, and distances between windows, especially if the bedroom has an odd layout. You want to maximize the space in the room, and that means adding pieces that fit perfectly. Taking measurements will help you determine if you should get a king-sized mattress or down-size to a queen or full bed. 

3. Don't Forget About Storage 

Do you have enough space for a footboard? Once you have your measurements in hand, you can view the dimension of the pieces you like and immediately known if they will fit comfortably in the room. 

Thirdly, don’t forget about storage. The bedroom is your personal space and where you are likely to keep items you use daily and valuables you consider special. Those items will need to be kept organized if you want to keep your room tidy, so make sure you get multifunctional furniture. 

Sure, an ottoman for seating is a great idea, but it should also come with a storage bin for that magazine collection you won’t part with. The wardrobe should be stylish, but can it hold all of your dress shirts? Make sure you purchase the best storage options for you. 

4. Buy Furniture That Suits Your Style 

Fourth, don’t be afraid to add pops of vibrant color. Masculine bedrooms are usually dark with earthy tones, but you don’t have to stick to the traditional look. Collect swatches of different shades of blue or green and see how they feel in the space. You can also use accent pieces like pillows and lampshades to incorporate color. Bedspreads with complementary curtains are another way to bring color into the room. 

5. Natural Lighting

Fifth, let the natural light in. Natural sunlight has too many health benefits to name here, and it is a great addition to any space. Don’t block windows with bulky pieces of furniture. Make sure the pieces you get allow the sun to dance around the room and highlight the furniture’s finishes. Also, more sunlight helps the room appear larger. 

6. Shipping Matters 

Sixth, make sure to always check for these two words, “assembly required.” Those two words could make a difference in your day. Will you spend five minutes putting the nightstand together or three hours? Bedroom furniture is often heavy and will need to be assembled. Bed frames, dressers, and closets will be sent in multiple pieces, and wood is the material that’s most commonly used. 

These factors will determine the type of delivery you request. Curbside delivery would probably not be the best choice unless it comes preassembled. Otherwise, you will probably want to go with the white-glove option and have the delivery team assemble and place the furniture. 

7. Return Policies

Lastly, check the company’s return policy. The last thing you want is to get stuck with furniture that doesn’t fit or complement the space. Buying online, you won’t get a true sense of the piece until it is inside your home. Therefore, you want to know if there are restocking fees, and if so, what they are. Some stores may charge more for the return than the actual piece. 

The return policy is also important for custom pieces. If you have something made just for you and end up hating it, will you be able to send it back, or will you have to keep it? 

The Bottom Line On Better Bedroom Furniture

You don't have to settle on the most frugal or overpriced bedroom furniture items for your home. Follow the top tips listed above, and you will design a bedroom you love to come home to every night.

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