6 Ways To Make Your Office More Comfortable

ways make office more comfortable

For a lot of us, our office is more than just a place where we work. It’s a little haven of peace where we get to be our most efficient selves, and since we spend so many hours in it every day, it’s only natural that we wish to make it feel more comfortable. Knowing that you can come in and immediately sink into the relaxing Zen of enthusiastic productivity is very important for anyone who puts a lot of emphasis on their career, so you’ll need to arrange everything accordingly. Are you looking for ways to make your office a more pleasant space that will inspire hard work? Then take a look at some of our tips that will help you make it cozier! 

Make Sure The Air Is Clean 

Nothing like stuffy office air to bring on a pounding headache and make you feel unmotivated. For the sake of comfort and for the sake of your health, make sure to open your windows at least twice a day and let the air circulate and fill up the room with freshness. You can’t exactly control the way air is filtered in the whole building, but you can definitely control how it’s filtered in your office—if the room keeps feeling stuffy no matter what you do, consider buying a portable air purifier. This can help you deal with mold, dust, and odors, and make the whole place a lot more pleasant. Alternatively, you can also bring in a few plants. Greenery is not only a natural way to clean the air, but it’s very pleasant and relaxing to look at. 

Bring A Few Useful Things 

The first thing to pay attention to is lighting—a good lamp makes all the difference, especially in winter when you can’t rely on natural light as much as you’d like. Get something stylish that will bring liveliness to the d├ęcor, and also consider investing in other handy items such as mini garment steamers that will make it easy to press your wrinkled shirts before a big meeting. These kinds of useful electrical goods make work hours a lot more pleasant and productive, and it’s good to have things you can rely on and that can make your office a little homier. A coffee maker, a portable charger, and an external hard drive are also really convenient and good to have around. 

Find Ways To Sit Less 

Those of us who work in an office are all too aware of the problems our sedentary lives are causing us. From weight gain and hypertension to constant backaches and stiff muscles that seem to trouble us even when we get home—it’s simply not healthy for us to be sitting all the time. Fortunately, there are several ways you can deal with this issue, and the first one to consider is a standing desk. Standing desks can improve your posture and lower the risk of developing obesity and cardiovascular problems, and it can also improve your productivity and make you more energetic. Of course, if this is too big of an investment for you, then try scheduling walking breaks. Every time you need to take a break, get up and move around instead of lounging as you scroll through your phone. Another way to be more active is simply riding a bike or walking to work instead of driving or riding the bus—if you can pull it off, do it. 

Organize Your Desk 

A cluttered desk usually means a cluttered mind. Being surrounded by a big mess won’t make you very productive, and if you keep feeling tense and overwhelmed, simply clearing your workspace can have a really good impact on your mood. Get a few organizers and filing cabinets if you don’t have enough and put everything in its proper place. While it might sound pedantic and unnecessary, it actually contributes to you feeling better and more motivated. 

Display Your Favorite Things 

It’s a neat little trick—displaying family photos, geeky figurines, or simply a few ornaments in your favorite colors is a great way to remind yourself of good things and lift your mood. Don’t be afraid to personalize your workspace with custom mugs and pencil holders, motivational posters, and drawings from your children. This will make your office truly feel your own, and you’ll be a lot happier to spend time in it every day. 

Get A Few Cozy Items 

If you often work long hours, it’s not a bad idea to invest in a few cozy things. Cushions for your back are pretty nice, and you can also grab an electric blanket if you keep feeling cold because you and your coworkers can’t agree about what to do with the thermostat. If your feet start hurting after a long day in uncomfortable shoes, keep a pair of sneakers around. You can also get a memory foam wrist rest to place near your computer keyboard, especially if you type a lot and find your hands aching all the time. 

Your office doesn’t need to have the reputation for being a stark place that makes you uneasy. With these little tips you can turn it into a real oasis of creative energy, so feel free to modify it until you feel safe, comfortable, and eager to get some work done.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about the top ways to make your office more comfortable and productive for employees.

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