How To Master The Art Of Hiring Top Staff

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When it comes to entrepreneurial skills, you think you have the majority of them covered. You’ve got a head for numbers, you understand where your funding is coming from, your profit margins look healthy, you know your way around a content marketing strategy and the business vision is taking shape. However, when it comes to hiring staff as your business venture grows, you are unsure of how to secure the brightest minds or the most cohesive team. Take a look at these ways of ensuring you can master the art of hiring the best employees.


You may be scouring the resumes that have been flooding into your mailbox in response to your latest job advert when you come across an unbelievable candidate; well qualified, experience in some top firms, a wealth of professional development and excellent references. However, don’t be seduced by what you see in black and white. There’s more to an exceptional candidate than their resume. Get them in for interview and probe a little deeper. Does this individual have a good sense of humor, will they fit into the close-knit team you already have and do you share a similar ethos? If the answer to any of these questions is no, then it’s hard to see how they can practically fit in, no matter how good the college is that they went to.


Sometimes it pays to hire the expertise of a recruitment service as these companies have access to the best candidates and can even tap into those people who aren’t even looking for work. They have already made the contacts and have an extensive network of suitably qualified job seekers on their books. This takes the legwork out of having to construct an advert, long listing and vetting. You won't have to come up with a recruitment strategy or need to take your marketing executive away from more pressing duties simply to create a marketing plan for a single job advert. By the time you interview the candidates, they should have already been pre-screened, and you know that they are the cream of the crop. All you have to do is decide who to hire.


It goes without saying that if your company paying below market rate, or even worse, you’re venturing into minimum wage territory, you don’t stand much of a chance of attracting the best candidates. You need to demonstrate early on that you value all of your staff by showing that you reward strong performance. Show the basic wage you’re offering and introduce the possibility of performance-related pay or a bonus for meeting targets. Some individuals crave the challenge of exceeding targets and will relish the competitive nature of the role. 

Excellent Employees

With a strong set of individuals who gel together to create a highly productive and cohesive team, you can see your business go from strength to strength. It's up to you to implement every strategy available to you in order to secure access to the best, brightest and most capable candidates.

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to master the art of hiring the best staff.

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