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Although it’s common to think text messaging is just for kids, the fact is that companies and agencies are now incorporating texting into their communication strategies because of the results text messaging gets. Especially when it helps with automated text reminders. 

It’s said that the average user sends or receives around 40 messages a day and that younger users can send or receive 100 or more messages a day. The data shows that when the notification goes off indicating a new text message, people look at it. 

Texting And AR 

Businesses have adopted text messaging for much of their communication with their customers, but not all of it is regarding promotions or new products. Many companies now send out Accounts Receivable notifications instead of bills that sit on the counter and are forgotten. Technology enables people to pay bills straight from their phones, so a text reminder about a bill increases the speed at which people pay, which means improved cash flow to you. A text message can also serve as a reminder to customers who may have forgotten about their bill. 

Another benefit of incorporating text messaging into your billing strategy is that it allows your customers to stay organized and on top of their bills. Many companies today send out notifications via text that their bill is due soon, and smartphones now can take that information and create a calendar event or set a reminder. This type of notification allows customers to stay on top of their bills and ensures they get paid in a timely fashion. 

Text Messaging Is Increasing 

As mentioned, text messaging is generally associated with the younger generations, but as these users age, the number of people using text as the primary form of communication is going to grow. And, when you add new users into the mix, the number of people using text messaging is too large to ignore. This is why it’s vital to your business to employ text messaging into your communication strategy, whether you’re sending out notifications about promos or new products, or you’re sending out billing notifications. The chance that your customer will see and respond to the text is much higher than if you sent an email or a letter. 

Text Messaging And Efficiency 

Employing text messaging into your AR strategy increases your department’s efficiency because your team members spend less time sending out reminders and tracking down payments. With the time saved, your AR team members can then focus on improving their efficiency, which benefits the entire company. This is why it’s always a plus to include an automated text service

The Future Is Now For Business Texts

Text messaging and push notifications are here to stay, and the number of people using this form of communication is only going to increase as time goes on. Companies and government agencies are jumping on board to better reach their customers and the public with vital, sometimes life-saving information during emergency situations. Implementing a text messaging system into your business or agency is easy and inexpensive, and if you’re not using such a system, you’re missing out on a host of benefits.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about how to take advantage of the business benefits of text messaging.

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