Why Small Businesses Must Invest In Office Design

why small businesses must invest in office design

The design and layout of your business’ office contribute heavily to how productive your employees are, for better or for worse. There are so many personality types and job roles to consider when setting up the floor plan, so we’ve teamed up with some experts in workplaces to explain why small businesses should invest in their office design: 

It’ll Convince Employees To Stay 

Very few employees will tolerate having to work long-term in an uncomfortable or claustrophobic office, so employee retention heavily relies on the quality of their workplace. 

This means more than just the flooring and walls: adjustable equipment, working Wi-Fi connections, a relaxation area and accessible toilets will all contribute to keeping employees happy and healthy, making them less likely to quit and move to another business in the future. Even if employees still decide to leave, an appealing office will make it easier to convince new potential hires to fill the roles. 

It Can Contribute Positively To PR 

The modern world is much more interested in workers’ rights and conducting business in an ethical way, so it’s inevitable that your office will be shown to the outside world through social media. If your office is bland and uncomfortable, your business could struggle to present itself in a positive light. 

By creating an office that looks “fun”, you’ll be able to gather good PR from social media and the mouths of the employees that work for you. Even if certain spaces aren’t often used by your employees, simply showing them in promotional articles or the business’ website can give them a social media presence above that of most conventional offices. 

Employee Cooperation Becomes Easier 

A good office promotes cooperation between employees without sacrificing isolated meeting rooms and individual privacy. Many small businesses will need employees to be flexible with their job roles and responsibilities: allowing open communication with wider spaces and accessible workstations can make a significant difference in how well your business can function under pressure. 

You Can Take Advantage Of The Novelty Value 

Offices can be expensive, making purpose-built office buildings difficult for small businesses to afford. This usually means that you’ll have set up in a regular house, warehouse or other non-office building, which can carry some novelty value if decorated correctly. This can differentiate you from standard offices and give visitors a unique first impression. 

For example, rather than attempting to turn the inside of a warehouse into an office, embracing the open space with raised displays and movable partitions creates a modular workplace that promotes free communication and movement. A suburban house’s garden, on the other hand, could be used to create an outdoor workspace or meeting area. 

You Can Make A Good First Impression 

Your office is one of the main ways you can make a good impression on new clients and customers. Replacing plain wood or tiles with commercial vinyl flooring will not only change the way the room looks, but also makes footsteps louder and affects how hot the room can get, all of which change the atmosphere of the room. 

Carpet can have the opposite effect, and the best choice depends on what kind of office environment you’re trying to create: matching the design to your intended first impression will significantly change how potential employees and investors see you. 

Either way, you will need some high-quality new office furniture that shows you have invested in your employees and their comfort.

A Good Office Boosts Productivity 

Productivity is one of the most important metrics a business can measure, and better productivity often translates directly to better earnings. Designing your office with productivity in mind can keep employees motivated and focused on their work without feeling pressured or frustrated. 


The best workplace designs allow different kinds of workers to share the same space without distracting one another – for every employee who prefers complete silence, there’s those that want to play music or talk with their peers as they work. Offering options and alternatives to your employees can let them find a space where they’ll be most productive, rather than forcing them into an environment and hoping they adapt.

I hope you enjoyed this article about why small businesses and startups should sufficiently invest in their office design.

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