Pros And Cons Of Using Paper Checks For Payments

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Checks have been a stable payment method for a very long time. But how efficient a method is a leaf of paper for making payments? Most countries have gone paperless and even frictionless with digital payment methods and even cashless / frictionless pay tech.  Before you stock up and buy computer checks online here are the pros and cons of using paper check that you should know about. 


You Get Time 

Once you hand over the printed check, the recipient may not be able to get the cash transferred to their account immediately. The check cashing process allows you the time to amass more funds and also cancel the check if you have made a mistake. 

You Can Pay In Advance 

Postdating a check is something that many businesses do. You can buy computer checks online, fill in the details and set the payment date as a date in the future. This allows you to have the check ready well in advance and it also allows your payment recipient to be satisfied with the promise of payment. 

Easy To Carry 

Checks are indeed easier to carry than cash. You can have a check worth millions in your pocket but carrying so much cash is difficult. 

You Can Halt Payment 

Since checks take time to process, you get time to call the bank and cancel the check. In case of any mistake, you can easily halt payments before the money is withdrawn from your account. 

You Can Print at Your Convenience 

You do not have to rely on anyone having the machine to swipe your card and you do not need to carry large sums of money. You can buy computer checks online, set up a check printing system and take care of payments from your office. One of the easiest ways to do this is by using check printing software available online.


Takes Time to Process Many payment recipients do not prefer receiving a check due to the time and effort that is needed to cash the check. The payment processing time taken is something that the payment recipient may not be willing to sign up for. 

Bank Must Be Notified 

If you have given a post-dated check to someone, then you need to notify your bank. If the recipient deposits the checks early and you do not have sufficient funds, then you might be charged penalty fees that affect your credit score. 

What Happens If You Lose It? 

If you lose a check, you can call the bank to cancel the check. But if you have already endorsed the check, then the person who has found the check can cash it before you call the bank. 

Payment Might Be Refused 

There is a chance that the bank refuses to cash the check. If the check was issued over 6 months ago or if the bank account does not have sufficient funds, the check gets rejected. This fear might keep the recipient from accepting checks as payment. 

You Need A Check Printing Setup 

To print a check you cannot simply have a printer and blank papers. You need to buy computer checks online, pay for a check printing software and stock magnetic ink to print the MICR number. Setting up your check payment system can be an additional investment. 

Checks Are Still Key In The US

Checks are still a prevalent payment method that is largely accepted. Keep checks in stock even if you think that you would rather opt for other payment methods.

I hope you enjoyed this article about the pros and cons of using paper checks for payments towards personal or business purchases.

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