6 Ways To Invest In Your Health And Wealth

how to invest in wealth and health

You have probably heard the old saying "health is wealth" and I think that is certainly an understatement. It's become more and more obvious to me that investing in your health is one of the only ways to maximize and maintain your wealth. Don't believe me? Well then, answer these quick questions for me about your work: 

• How are you going to build a business if your energy is sapped? 

• How will you advance your career if you are unable to come to work? 

• How will you be financially secure if your medical costs are bringing you to the edge of bankruptcy? 

As an entrepreneur and small business owner, I have certainly sacrificed my own health for work purposes many times. Once in awhile it's pretty much unavoidable and necessary. But now that I'm a little older and wiser, I have realized that a lot of times I have sacrificed health for money or business opportunities it ended up backfiring in the end. I ended up damaging myself financially by trying to take shortcuts with my health to save a few bucks or make some extra cash. I don't want you to do the same. 

Here are 6 ways to invest in your health and maximize your wealth:

Get The Right Health Insurance

As I mentioned above, medical expenses can be incredibly high. While the cost of health insurance is growing each year, it is still needed to cover you for unexpected medical emergencies and even monthly care. If you don't have the right health insurance, unforeseen circumstances relating to health can put you in debt for years or decades. Plus, having great health insurance coverage will encourage you to get the professional Medicare that you know you need and the care that you might need. 

Hopefully your employer can take on a large portion of your health insurance burden, and if you own your own business, hopefully you can nail down a low-cost policy with adequate coverage for yourself and your employees. Not to mention that health insurance can help when you visit this dentist in manchester CT for dental services.

See A Medical Professional

In the age of WebMD and millions of pseudoscience blogs, more people than ever before have been self-diagnosing themselves or self-medicating themselves without visiting the professionals. You know, the experts that go to school for 4-10+ years for their specialty? I think they know more than you or I after we spend 4-10 minutes typing in symptoms and reading something from Google's search results. 

Get checked out yearly and visit with medical specialists if needed, it could save you a lot of time and money... or even your life. Get started with a health or medical professional from Spectrum Health and visit their website at spectrumhealthcare.com.

Take Care Of Your Legs And Feet

It is not easy to run a business when you can't run (or even walk) due to leg or foot pain. It will slow you down (literally at times) and be a major distraction in the office or job site. You should take time each week to do some cardiovascular exercise, weight-bearing leg resistance training exercises, and stretches. If that isn't enough to keep you mobile and pain-free, you should take a look at high quality insoles for your shoes from companies like Protalus

You can also reduce foot discomfort and improve your lower body mobility with Biopods Stimsoles here

Take A Vacation

Everyone hits a wall once in awhile or experiences severe burnout. Doing the same job for work for months or years straight and overworking can really put a damper on motivation, productivity, and creativity. The best way to treat this, or prevent it, is to take a little time off for travel and vacation. Traveling to a new place will help to recharge your batteries so you can come back to work with renewed vigor and new perspectives.

Eat Healthier

When you're in the trenches building a business or taking your career to the next level, many people end up sacrificing when it comes to their eating habits. People skip breakfast and lunch, rely on fast food, pump themselves full of too much caffeine, or binge eat at night because they don't make healthy eating a priority. This translates into having lower energy, lower morale, possible depression, and even major health risks like diabetes and heart disease. Eating healthier can help to improve performance in the workplace and health, which translates into a better bottom line... and bottom! 

Share The Wealth & Help Others With Their Health

A great way to improve your own health while promoting the health of others is to give back. Donate your time, extra food, unused clothing, or influence to a local charity. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or church yard sale. Donate goods to Habitat For Humanity. Promote a charity that helps to fight a deadly disease. You'll be helping other people to be healthier while improving your own health because you'll feel more grateful and proud of yourself for making a positive difference in the world.  

Final Words On Improving Health And Wealth

Without good health your career or business will never perform at the level you'd like it to. Invest in your performance and longevity and invest in your health. Health truly is wealth!
I hope you enjoyed this article about how to invest in your health to bring about additional wealth.

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