Sink Or Swim: Marketing Mistakes That Could Put You Under

marketing mistakes

Every business needs a marketing strategy. In this day and age, with competition so fierce and customer expectations so high, it’s never been more important to get your business out there and promote your brand. It’s not easy to design and implement a marketing strategy that will blow the competition out of the water, but if you get your campaign right, you stand every chance of staying afloat. If your marketing strategy is floundering, here are some potential reasons why and some tips to help you get back on track. 

Not Identifying A Target Market 

When you market a product or a service of any kind, you need to bear the target market in mind. Who are you trying to sell your business to? If you’ve drawn up a strategy without giving that person or group of people a second thought, this could be a fatal error. Your campaign should be tailored to appeal to buyers who are likely to take a genuine interest in your product. Don’t go for a spray and pray approach and attempt to please everyone. Streamline the techniques you use to suit the market. 

Before you do anything, carry out extensive market research to gather as much information about the ideal customer as possible. Where and how do they shop? How much do they earn? What kinds of brands do they buy and why? How much do they spend on products that are similar to the ones you sell on a monthly or annual basis? What kinds of promotions would appeal to them? Once you’ve got all this information, you can tailor your campaign to tick all the boxes and make your business as attractive as possible. 

Failing To Interact And Engage With Customers 

If you’re keen to drive sales, put your brand on the map and increase customer numbers, it’s vital to interact and engage with clients. Customer service should be a priority, and you should use the relationships you have with your customers to improve and develop your business. Keep in touch via platforms like your website and social media, invest in a CRM program to keep channels of communication open on a continual basis, and encourage feedback. It’s critical that you know what your customers want, and that you understand the importance of maintaining contact with them. If you go quiet, or your clients feel like you’re not listening to them or making an effort, you may find that they look elsewhere. 

Not Moving With The Times 

The world of business is changing and evolving all the time. To keep up with competitors and respond to customer demands and preferences, it’s imperative to move with the times. If your marketing strategy is dated, you may be failing to hit the mark. If your target market is young people and you’ve got an online fashion store, for example, you should be looking at ways consumers in that age bracket shop and how they find out about new labels or stores. Advertising outfits on Instagram is likely to bring you more success than sharing posts on Twitter, for example. Make sure you update and refresh your campaign in line with emerging trends.


Does your marketing campaign need a new lease of life? If you’re in danger of sinking, hopefully, this guide will prevent your business marketing from going under.

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to avoid making critical marketing mistakes that could destroy your business.

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