What’s Up With The Mirror TV I Saw in My Hotel Room?

If you’ve visited any fancy hotel room recently, you might have noticed that your TV wasn’t always a TV. Kind of confusing right? Well, you walked into the room and saw a beautiful piece of artwork or maybe even a rather large mirror mounted to the wall, but as soon as you clicked the power button on the remote you found, that piece of artwork or mirror went away and a TV screen appeared. Pretty cool wasn’t it? If you’re wondering if that sort of technology is for fancy hotels exclusively, the answer is no. 

You can actually install a TV Mirror into your home when you use a company like FrameMyTV. They make the process really easy, and all you have to do is provide them with information about your TV and what you would like the frame / mirror design to look like. Each order is made custom so that it fits your TV, wall, and style. FrameMyTv has 12 years of tech experience building these mirror TVs for entertainment TVs and bathroom vanity TV mirrors. 

All you have to do is give FrameMyTv the make and model of your TV, make your frame and TV mirror selections, set up a call with the company to finalize the details about the installation method, and then go over the size restrictions and what will best fit your space. All of their products are made in Massachusetts and are shipped within 4 weeks or sooner. The company does suggest ordering mirror samples so that you can get a real feel of what it’s going to look like in your space before you make the move to order custom. You can even see examples of their recent work on their site. They have a collection of photos of their TV mirrors from clients all around the world. 

The installation method is another task that is done custom. It doesn’t matter to FrameMyTV if your mount if flat, swing arm style, or tilt, they can install your mirror TV around it. The frame slips right over the TV once the TV itself is installed. 

To get a quote for your mirror TV, you can use the builder tool on their website. By choosing your product, TV size, and frame type, they can give you a good idea of what it’s going to cost. Below are the various options. 

Select Product: 

• TV Art Cover 
• TV Mirror 
• TV Frame Only 

Frame Collection: 

• Standard - gives you the ability to choose from over 100 frame styles, you’re bound to find a style that will match your room perfectly 

• Metro - gives the frame a minimalist look for a more modern/contemporary room. Great for new age offices 

• Hardwood - all frames are made of premium solid wood, which are stained/painted with your color choice 

• Artisan - described as “museum quality finished corner frames, hand gilded in 22K gold or white gold” 

• Frameless - the most simple choice, no frame. Another good choice for businesses of all types

Browsing the gallery will give you a better idea of what the finished product looks like in different frames and on different colored walls. The process overall is super simple for technology that seems like it would be so complicated. Thanks to FrameMyTV, those fancy mirror TVs can be the focal point of your living room (or business) and will make your guests say “wow”, just like you did in your hotel room. 

Check out FrameMyTV’s reviews and testimonials to find out why they’re rated #1 in the entire industry. They’re an awesome edition to any room that’s being re-modeled or simply updated. If you want to disguise your TV while you’re not using it, invest in a mirror TV today.

I hope you enjoyed this article about the benefits of mirror televisions and your options to install or modify a mirror TV.

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