How to Receive Postal Mail Traveling With Virtual Mailbox Services

Managing your postal mail is already a burdening task. We imagine how even more hectic it can get while traveling. However, thanks to modern technology and progress in communication, this is not the case anymore. 

Frequent travelers now have a variety of options. So, they can handle their mail easily wherever they go. You can even check your postal mail through your laptop or smartphone, just like you do your email! 

Now you can stay connected to your postal mail while traveling; without ruining the checklist of your business trip or vacation. Utilizing a service like Digital Mailroom can really revolutionize how you view your mail, wherever you may be.

Here are the most common solutions on how you can manage your mail while traveling. 

Get A Post Office Box from the local Postal Service 

The first option to have a mailing address is always to rent a PO Box from the local Postal Service provider wherever you are. Whether it’s a US-based Post Office or a UPS Store in a foreign country, using it for business mail isn’t the best option. A non-street address won’t reflect professionally on your business, giving you the prestige image you desire. It’ll also decrease your business reliability and credibility. 

In a foreign country, security is not guaranteed. The language barrier and lack of information may lead to some inconvenience or delay. Even Post offices may also close on national holidays or do not provide mail delivery on particular days. Your mail will be tied down with the Post Office’s conditions, not offering much flexibility. 

Mail Boxes Etc. 

Mail Boxes Etc. is a global retail chain of business service centers. They are smaller than official post offices and they provide a private service of mail forwarding, similar to the UPS or DHL service. 

You can find locations for Mail boxes Etc. in many major cities all over the world. In order to enjoy their services, you will need to contact them in advance to know the requirements of sending or receiving mail and packages. They pride themselves in keeping their customers satisfied and offering exceptional customer service.

They can lend you a hand to pack, ship, send, and receive mail. However, they may not be located everywhere or where you need them. So you should probably check on their available locations before traveling. 

Popular Shipping Companies 

Shipping companies are another solution to receive mail and packages; if you are moving around internationally. There are many shipping companies, based in various locations all over the world and have offices that cover nearly most of the world. 

The local offices of these companies receive your mail and then you can pick it when it arrives. Of course, their local offices should be used in the shipping process as well. 

The services these shipping companies provide are secured and trackable. However, they can be highly expensive in certain cases and their mail services are limited which can be an inconvenience. 

Virtual Postal Mail 

While handling your mail is essential, a virtual address provides you with an innovative bundle of mail and package forwarding. You are always on track with your mail; it follows you wherever you go. 

Virtual mail services provide you with a professional package of mail management. It receives your mail on your behalf, scans the envelopes then uploads them to your online inbox. So, you can always have access to your mail wherever you are. You also can choose to open & scan, forward, archive, download, shred, or recycle your mail. You can have a clean mailbox within minutes with quick mail handling. 

A virtual street address will definitely give a prestigious image to your business. It grants you expansion and presence amidst the international business lounge. Your customers will love it too! You can easily keep in touch with your investors, partners, and customers while traveling. It makes other business operations easy too like depositing your checks, paying your bills, and shipping your packages wherever you are. 

Traditional post services are expensive, take longer periods, and are not totally secured. While virtual mail is a cost-effective solution, and it guarantees the speed and security of mail forwarding. 

Your virtual postal mail facilitates receiving and shipping parcels and packages. You can easily choose to store your parcels or forward them directly to your door. Virtual mail handles your mail with high security and privacy. This way you’re no longer tied to a specific address nor do you need to change your address every time you move. Just send in the request and address and it’ll be shipped for you. Consolidated shipping is also offered so all your packages are conveniently shipped together, giving you lower shipping fees. 

Through virtual shipping, you can enjoy free storage and a fast shipping process. Featuring state- of-the-art mail facilities, you can store your packages for free for up to 30 days from its arrival. And this way, your packages can conveniently be waiting for you until you get back home if you don’t want it forwarded. 

You can also store it for more than 30 days if needed, in exchange for a small fee. If you choose to forward, you can track all your packages till they arrive at your place. Your mail handling options have no end! With just one click, you can get any mail piece handled. A virtual mailbox aims to make things easier and better for you by taking the whole process to the web! A cloud-based solution is what every expat, digital nomad, and frequent traveler needs. 

Shipping To Your Hotel 

Yes, shipping packages and receiving mail to your hotel are always valid options. However, they are not secured nor professional. 

Due to changing of shifts and receptionists, they may take time to notify you of your mail. In addition, it will not give you the prestigious image you seek for your business. 

You also need to make sure that the location of your hotel is reachable as some exotic places are not covered by mail carriers. This may only be good for a very short fix, just a few days but it wouldn’t be efficient in the long run. 


Couchsurfing became very trendy lately; it is very popular among frequent travelers. You should register, for free, to be a part of the Couchsurfing community. Then approach members to host you for certain time. 

It is a very fine opportunity to exchange culture and to have a local guide in your new city. You can meet amazing and really very friendly individuals through the community in every single country you visit. Many of them will welcome the idea to receive your mail through their addresses. 

The cons of this process are that it is neither efficient nor professional for a business. It can work for a vacation or a free traveler but never for a prestigious business owner. You don’t want private information from your customers to be falling into the wrong hands. 

In addition, you will always need to pick active members of the community in order to guarantee your safety and your mail security. 


Traveling became essential to expand your business and assure your presence in the international market. If you’re going on vacation for a while or a short trip, there are many options to consider but if you run a business and need a secure, stable business mailing address, a virtual mailbox is your best solution. You need to really study what you need through your trip. Being ready is everything inside the business lounge. Recognizing your needs and fulfilling them will keep you organized as you go on. It will ease everything for you as well. 

Thinking smartly to find out solutions and hacks for travel problems is really beneficial. It will help you a lot and will assist you to get rid of the burden of traveling. Every time you travel you can develop and tailor your own travel plan that suits your mailing needs.

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to receive your postal mail when you travel through virtual mailbox services.

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