How To Run An Easy E-Commerce Business

how to run easy ecommerce business

If you are planning to start a business online, you need a website shopping cart that is easy to navigate, has clear attractive photos and works across devices. Don’t worry about trendy gimmicks, just focus on dependable functionality to attract online shoppers. Here are seven of the main features your ecommerce site needs: 

1. Easy To Use 

For your e-commerce website to be effective, it had better be easy to use or you will lose customers in a matter of seconds. Your objective is simple: help online shoppers find what they want hassle-free without any complications on the way to making a purchase. This is good for your customers and for your business. Customer reviews should be prominent along with FAQ information to help shoppers to make their decisions faster. 

2. Smartphone-Friendly 

Since one in three purchases is completed on a smartphone, and you will only get a high ranking on Google if your website is mobile-friendly, you need to have a responsive website that adapts to any device. Make sure you think mobile first!

3. Positive User Testimonials 

About 92 percent of online shoppers read customer reviews before making a decision. The product star rating is the single most important factor for customers. Don’t be afraid of the occasional negative review. It will tell customers that your reviews are honest and not edited for only positive content. If your website has the functionality, it can use plugins from review platforms such as Facebook, Yelp and Foursquare or even messaging through WhatsApp

4. Special Offers 

Promotions and special offers attract first-time customers and help retain customer loyalty. You can have a web page devoted to special offers with a link on the landing page. Keep things interesting by mixing up your new offers, giveaways, contests, coupons, and sales. 

5 Related Items 

The feature that offers related items to a customer, sends a positive message. If the customer is buying a bicycle for a child’s birthday, your site can offer a bicycle pump with You Might Like This plugin app that they have on ecommerce behemoths like Amazon and eBay. The customer realizes the pump is essential and purchases it too. 

6. Wish Lists 

People like wish lists because they can keep track of gift ideas, home d├ęcor ideas and fashion ideas that can be shared with friends and family. When a wish list is shared, it drives customers to your website and increases shopping cart conversions without any effort on your part. 

7. Security 

Sophisticated security features are essential for a successful e-commerce site. Start with an SSL certificate. Your address bar will have https and a little green padlock telling customers their data is safe. This will reflect positively on you with both customers and Google!

In addition, a privacy policy at the bottom with a link to the complete policy will tell customers that will not share or sell their data to a third party. 

Building an online store business is not rocket science, and you can get help from an IT service that will make sure you are covered with all of the above.

I hope you enjoyed this article about utilizing efficient and easy eCommerce everyday for your company.

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