What Everyone Should Know About the eBay Story

Today eBay.com is the biggest auction-style site for literally anything. Cars, houses, collectibles and even personal celebrity items are up for grabs on the site, generating over $8 billion in annual revenue. The ecommerce giant is not only the go-to place for people looking for unique buys but also commands a huge portion of the online retail sector. The company has grown to become a retail giant with buyers in 190 different countries globally and over 168 million active users. 

Founded in 1995, eBay rose to become a 38-billion-dollar conglomerate. It not only has diversified its holdings with investments and buyouts of companies like PayPal and Skype, but has also made huge contributions to the overall ecommerce sector. 

For example, the idea of adding ratings to sellers’ profiles was first used by eBay and is now used on nearly all mass retail platforms online. eBay was also the main engine behind PayPal’s undisputed dominator in ecommerce transactions. eBay has won awards, supported charities and facilitated the sales of some of the coolest stuff on the planet (and beyond). 

What You Can Buy On eBay 

The biggest and most expensive sales on the platform have included a Gigayacht for $168 million and a Gulfstream 2 personal jet for $4.9 million. A lunch with Warren Buffet was auctioned for $2.6 million and the town of Alberta, Texas was sold for $2.5 million. When it comes to weird and uncommon, eBay has it and you can buy it. 

Though eBay does have a lot of uncommon stuff, it also is a speed demon when it comes to commerce. Every 5 seconds, a pair of shoes are sold, and someone buys a tablet every 14 seconds on the platform. The fact is that eBay is an ecommerce powerhouse and one of the first to pioneer ecommerce as a platform. 

All You Need To Know About eCommerce Giant

If you want to buy or sell something new, unique, and everything in between, eBay is the perfect place for you. The founder of eBay, Pierre Omidyar launched an eCommerce company back in 1995 with the goal of creating an online marketplace that will connect buyers and sellers. Now in 2024 it is still one of the most successful websites on the web!

I hope you enjoyed this article and infographic about what everyone needs to know about eBay's company story.

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