Is It Time To Upgrade Your Back Room Storage?

When we first start selling online, most of us operate from home. We keep our stock in a back room and take it to the post office so we can send it off. In short; things are pretty basic. Such is the joy and downfall of this e-commerce world. Anyone can start out, but they take everything on their shoulders when they do. 

Many companies fail to get past this back room stage. Often, enterprises like these become a source of pocket money and nothing more. But, that isn’t always the case. Sometimes a product captures the hearts and minds of more people than you expect. And, when that happens, your current business storage situation won’t cut it anymore. Even if you packed that back room to the brim, you’d struggle to keep up with orders. 

So, how can you keep up with influx? By upgrading in these three crucial ways, of course. 

#1 Find A Commercial Space 

One of the main benefits of e-commerce is that you can save money on a physical space. But, if you start turning orders away because you don’t have the capacity, you’ll do yourself out of pocket anyway. As such, it is essential to get a commercial storage space the moment you feel there’s a call for it. This can be tough to judge, but a steady increase of orders is a sure sign things are on the up. You don’t need to go all out straight away here, either. By renting a middle-sized storage facility, you can grow with your company. The extra space will still give you plenty to play with, without leaving you struggling. Then, if business continues to grow, you can expand again when your lease runs out.

#2 Develop A System 

When operating from home, it is unlikely you had much of a storage system. After all, how much organization do ten boxes need? Now, you are likely working with many more. And, that means keeping on top of them does require a system of some kind. What that is depends on you. It might be that you want to invest in pallet racks like those provided by companies such as Atlantic Rack. These give you the chance to develop a clear and separate method. You might want to use different pallets for different letters of the alphabet, and place orders here once they are made. 

Or, you might want to separate types of product into various sections of your space. Try a few things out, and see which helps you to keep on top of matters. 

#3 Find New Ways To Send Stock 

It is also worth paying some attention to postage days. Taking those boxes to your local post office might not quite meet your increased demand. Instead you will want to work with a courier who can collect straight from your storage facility. As well as making your life easier, this ensures better service at the other end. What’s more, sending many orders this way could prove cheaper than your previous methods!

I hope you enjoyed this article about whether it is time for you to upgrade your back room or warehouse storage system.

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